The things you find from the past

I finally made it up to my mum’s place. It has to be almost 3 years since I was here last. I think it is the longest gap between visits.

It is always fun hanging out with my mum. I do have to admit that I have been rather lazy and haven’t really wanted to go and take photos. It seems to be an aftereffect for me from the last two years. I’m sure I will get back to it. I like taking photos closer to home.

While I’ve been here I have taken some photos, but mostly in my mum’s backyard. She always has some interesting flowers to photograph. It is the wrong time of the year really, but some things are flowering.

One thing we did was go looking in her shed for things I could maybe use for still life. There are so many things in there, but I think I might bring up my studio stuff and photograph them here. Might be a lot easier.

But look what I found in the shed.

It is my old doll’s pram from when I was a child. I don’t really know why she has kept it all these years, but I did enjoy seeing it again.

The hood for it ended up ripped and broken. We were never able to replace it, so it has stayed like that.

The pram and I went all over the place. In one place we lived there was a little wooden bridge right next to our house. I would walk over it with my pram and pretend there was a troll under it.

It was a different time for children back then. I only had three dolls whereas my daughters had so many. I don’t have any of the dolls that were put into the pram. One was lost in an underwater tank thanks to my brother. We didn’t have a lot of toys. I think that was pretty typical of most kids back then. We did treasure the ones we had. My pram was a special toy for me. Did you have anything special?

Because I’m at my mum’s I said do you have any photos of me with the pram and she found this.

My mum thinks I was about 4 or 5 in this photo. I was very dressed up to go somewhere. I loved those shoes that I have on there. They were black patent leather ones and I was only allowed to wear them on special occasions. They were my “good” shoes. I do remember sneaking them into my school bag once so I could wear them at school. I don’t know if I got into trouble.

Seriously though, look at how short that dress was.

It was lovely seeing something from a time before things went to hell with my father. It was a time of innocence as the cliche goes. I suppose it is back to modern-day reality now, but it is nice to look back from time to time and remember those days.

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  1. I remember having those “good shoes” too!! I hope you were able to take the pram home with you. It might be fun trying to repurpose it to something else

    1. Funny idea, shoes you only wore once a week maybe. No, I left the pram where it was, it is safer there. I don’t know what I would use it for. Thank you Nora.

  2. Very cute memory, Leanne. I was just talking about my dolls yesterday. I don’t have any of them left either. By the way, you were adorable in your short dresses. Mine were all short then, too and I was 18. LOL. It has always been pretty acceptable for little girls to wear short dresses.

    1. Thank you Marsha, It is funny how short little girls dresses were, to the point they had special knickers to wear underneath. Not sure mine were that short, but still short. I remember young women wearing very very short dresses. What a time.

  3. Cute picture of you. 🙂 It’s nice that you have the picture of the pram and its hood. The picture looks like it was taken in the ’50s. (?) Just a guess.

  4. What fun to uncover a treasure from the past. I think the pram has a very interesting texture so could make the good base of a still life collection.

    I am with you on toys. My kids also had way more than I ever did. Granted I grew up in a very different economic bracket from my kids but I also think that toys just cost a lot more back when I was wee (and may be one of the reasons why they were also better made) so we had fewer of them.

    1. I hadn’t thought of that Laura, good idea, I might try it with some flowers or something in it.

      My mum and I were just saying the same thing about the cost of toys. I said I only had 3 dolls and she said that is because they cost so much money. I always wanted a Barbie, but never got one and she said that was why. Toys do cost a lot less now. I think you are right about the quality too. Thank you Laura.

  5. Leanne, I love the fact that your mother has kept the pram since you were a little tiny girl, that’s so precious! You look so cute in the little dress! In the states, this would be called a Stroller or Carriage. ❤️

    1. Yeah, not sure why she kept it. I think initially because she thought my girls might like it when they were little, but because we couldn’t get a new hood for it they weren’t that interested. Probably too old fashioned for them. It is funny the different names, when we lived in Denmark many years ago and our eldest was a baby if we said pram they didn’t know what we were talking about, they called them trolleys I think. too funny. Thank you John.

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