Silent Easter Sunday – New York Public Library


It is Easter Sunday and that always seems a good time to look at a place that is silent, the New York Public Library. There is something about the silence of those places, though funny when it is a popular tourist place that can break that silence.


Silent Easter Sunday – New York Public Library

I’ve been really enjoying going through my archives and looking back on my trip to the USA in 2015. It seems like a great thing to do as I am so close to flying off again to New Zealand. If I’m honest, I haven’t travelled a lot. There were a lot of things that prevented it. Money, being number one, and then family. There is also the fact that I never really wanted to travel before. I like being comfortable and travelling isn’t comfortable for me.

My trip to the US wasn’t my first overseas trip. In 1994 I went to Copenhagen in Denmark with my husband and first daughter. She was four months. We lived in Fredriksberg for 7 months. It was an amazing experience. My biggest regret with it was that I was too busy being a new mum and didn’t really take any photos. That’s a lie, I didn’t even take the SLR with me. Sadly.

Seeing the Public Library

This is another place that was always on my list to see when I went to New York. The reason being, because it was featured in the movie Day After Tomorrow. You could see how beautiful it was in the movie, but the reality was so much better.

It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. Though that could have been because the main reading room was closed for renovations. Libraries can be so beautiful and I have to admit, I think the one we have here in Melbourne is a stunner as well.

This was part of the day I spent with the others that I talked about last Sunday, click here to revisit that post on Grand Central Terminal.

The library was full of so many details and it is great when you look up and just see beauty.


Again, it was another place I took a lot of photos. I have a few for you to see now. One especially that always reminds me of the movie, and I wonder if you can tell which one?

This will be the last silent Sunday post for a few weeks. Next Sunday I will be in New Zealand and will be posting about the trip there. It will be nice to get some new photos from a new place.

Happy Easter.

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    1. I agree Sherry, it is very interesting. We spent some time in the park behind as well, it was lunchtime so there were lots of people there.

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