New Zealand Wanderings Day 5 – That tree again


This morning saw us up before dawn on day 5 of our New Zealand Wanderings and back at that tree again. We decided that after yesterday we wanted another go.

New Zealand Wanderings Day 5 – That tree again

Yesterday we got some great shots at the tree, but we really wanted to try another spot down there. It gets so busy and we wanted to get there really early.

It was cold, I mean really cold. We got there at 6 am and then had to wait for there to be enough light so our cameras could focus. I managed to get one, no idea how the camera managed, but I’m not complaining.


It was a bit of a shocker really. I was really happy with this.

It does have to be said that by the time the light improved there were photographers everywhere. We thought there were a lot yesterday, but today was even worse. I might share the photos at the end that I took. It was crazy.

The lake was very misty and there was fog in the distance, so we got a great effect.


Yesterday I was really happy with what I took, but today, I’m even happier. So glad I went back.

Crowds and rude people

While I was really happy with the photos that I got, there was one event that really spoiled the experience. A guy told me off for sticking my elbows out. He didn’t ask nicely if I could be careful, which I would have been happy to do. Then when I said to Suzzanna that there were a lot of bossy people there, he turned around and said that I shouldn’t be chubby.


We were there first, had been there from very early. He could have moved slightly so it didn’t happen, but no, apparently it was up to me to change what I was doing for him.

He was part of a tour group from a well known New Zealander, which was really sad to hear. No manners at all. When you get around 200 people trying to capture one tree, then it seems it becomes a free for all. Manners no longer exist and you need to be rude.

I choose not to be like that. I try to be tolerant. If people come and stand in front of me, I might bitch, but I would rarely tell them to move. Though I did have something to say to the people flying drones and letting them sit just about the tree. Everyone yelled at them really. Anyway enough about that.

Just remember to always be polite when you go out.

Fun with the Fujifilm X-T3

All the images were taken with the X-T3 today. The first one was done with the XF18-135mm lens. While the second and third image were taken with the XF100-400mm lens.

I am starting to work out a lot more about the camera and now I’m feeling a lot more confident using it. That D850 might be for sale.

This next one I adjusted something on the camera and got this.


Again, a weird effect, but I like it. All I did was lighten the centre of the image.

Crowds photos

Here is a couple of photos that I took this morning of the crowds. They were either side of me. Incredible how busy it gets.

We are in Queenstown now and not doing a lot. Working on photos. We are here for one night. We have plans for tomorrow and then it is off to Te Anau.


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  1. It looks such a peaceful place, so sorry to hear you experienced such rudeness – I fear it is everywhere these days, an individual sense if entitlement and arrogance that selfishly disrespects others. Not nice to have the moment spolied, but I do love your tree shots 🙂

    1. Thank you Ruth, it was sad, and did put a damper on the morning, though I did get some really nice shots regardless, which was good. Oh yes, I get what you mean, like it was up to me to move so he could get his photos, it never occurred to him, that he could do the same, which is what I would have done.

    2. Oh yes, sorry if my comment wasn’t clear – of course I meant the asshole guy was being selfish in expecting you to move…

    3. Oh yes, so selfish, I was shocked. I am happy to say I’ve never experienced anything like that here in Australia, then again, I tend to stay away from the “tourist trap” places for photos. Thanks Ruth.

  2. Fabulous photos Leanne and I’m sure they are infinitely better than that rude man’s. I might steer clear of the Wanaka Tree next time I’m over there. It was on my list.

    1. Thank you Cheryl, since he had someone telling him how to compose, yeah, I hope mine are better. It is good to do, but be prepared to go early and stand your ground.

  3. You better watch out at the Trevi Fountain then 😀 I am so sorry for what he said because I laughed. I wish you had told him off in your best Aussie phrasing, you know F off drongo etc

    1. I think it is safe to safe, I will never visit there. I hate crowds. I think I might stick to my part of the world. So you think it is funny to basically call someone fat?
      I did actually turn around and tell him to F off.

    2. You used the word chubby which I thought rather quaint as not heard that in ages. No I don’t think that fat should be said. So pleased you gave him his comeuppance

  4. we had a similar experience in NZ over 30 years ago when we were in Rotorura in the national volcanic park. I was pushed out of the way so that someone could get a selfie with the geyser and members of certain nationalities took absolutely no notice of the signs telling you not to leave the path and not to walk on the rocks. It shows a sad lack of respect for the environment and lack of education on how to behave when out in public. I believe that China is now offering courses on how their people should behave when abroad.

    1. Such a shame to see some people ruining it for so many others. We are all there to see the same thing, Experience, but others think their experience is far more imporant than others.I hope they do that, it would be nice to hear, excuse me, can I take a photo here, oh thank you, instead they just push in and don’t care about knocking you out of the way. I’m starting to get sick of them.

  5. Glad you had another opportunity at taking very pleasing shots of ‘the tree’. Sorry you had to put up with ignorant fools. Bullies seem to be everywhere.

  6. Oh how I hate rude people and humanity in general. The Wanaka tree has obviously got busier. A real shame. Having been to NZ quite a lot (my daughter lives in windy Wellington), I am really enjoying your posts! Ian

    1. Me too, it was crazy, you did need a big lens. Thank you Ian, you will have to come and visit down here and see what you think.

  7. Hi Leanne
    I was in NZ this time last year and also had issues with very rude people at several places including The Tree, We had a photography group in front of us actually in the water in waders in front of the tree. Plus they were very rude. And organized by a NZ photographer. We gave up and went back the next day earlier and colder and just as crowded. Similar experiences at Morakai Boulders and The little church.
    Unfortunately you have too be prepared for crowds and rudeness at popular spots.
    After that we did all our photography away from tourists and got the best shots.

    1. Wow Pam, your experience was a lot worse than mine, thankfully we didn’t have people in the water, well some at the edge, but that is all.It has been a shock for me, I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It really doesn’t help me want to travel more. I think I might stick with home. There is enough there to keep me busy. Thank you Pam.

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