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  1. Loved my time there. Stayed nearby at The Great Ocean Ecolodge at Cape Otway. Lots of wildlife there. We also visited Otway fly treetop centre – great place to see nature

    1. Í’ve never stayed down there, might have to try it one day. Do you get access to the lighthouse at night? I would love to do some milky way stuff there. The wildlife is great, we saw a wallaby and my mum saw a Koala. I have been to the treetop place, did the treetop walk, it was fantastic. Thank you Richard.

    1. actually, the actual light was on 150 watt lightbulb behind a small prism. But it was a beautiful setting on Canada’s west coast.

    2. That is pretty much what they use at Cape Otway now, the lighthouse in the image isn’t used anymore, there is a smaller one out on the cliff. The actual lighthouse had a mercury mechanism, or something like that which I think it part of the reason they stopped using it.

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