The Colour in the Monochrome Madness Image


Over at Leanne Cole Photography is Monochrome Madness 41 and I thought this week I might show what the colour image looked like, the colour in Monochrome.  I have some lovely carnations in my garden and while it was nice seeing one of them in monochrome, they also look really in colour, so here is the colour one.

The Colour in the Monochrome Madness Image


I cropped it a little different to the monochrome one, than when I was processing the monochrome version, I didn’t really plan on doing it in colour as well, but I hope you agree the colour one is nice as well.  I have processed this a little differently to the monochrome carnation, though I also didn’t do as much to it.

I like carnations, they are sort of scrappy flowers, but when you look up close they are also quite detailed.  Quite amazing.  I think I will have to go and find more to plant, I think a lot more in the garden would be nice.  Funny, since I got a macro lens, I really want to get my garden looking good, would be nice to have many things to photograph.

I just need to remind people that you can comment on this post, and while it doesn’t look like anything happens when you do, it does.  I get all the comments, though it can take me some time to approve and respond to them yet.  I don’t know why this blog is so weird to leave comments on.  I will have to get onto the developers and see what they can work out.

I am going to include a gallery now for the two images.

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