Silent Sunday – A view of Melbourne


Silent Sunday – A view of Melbourne

A quiet day today and just one photo for you. For my silent Sunday post, I wanted to show you a view of Melbourne that I really like.

Silent Sunday – A view of Melbourne

This photo was taken almost two years ago, but it is one that I have always liked. It is also one that should have been the beginning of some new work, but it never happened. Well, so far it hasn’t. I do intend to do more like this.


I hope you have a good Sunday.

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  1. Leanne, any particular painting artist, who inspired you for your amazing image? Just curious

  2. In you post about The Docklands, you wrote, “It is something I try to achieve with my images, making them seem like they aren’t real.” You achieved this, and I mean this as a high compliment. It is obviously “real” but at an altered state, something beyond. It has a bit of “virtual reality” to it. I take photographs in the virtual world of Second Life, and honestly, this image reminds me of the “real fantasy” one can find there. I love this shot.

  3. A series in this style is a great idea.

  4. A Hopper? I asked myself. Definitely would like to see the series that this will be part of.

  5. Stunning. Affects me in a breathless way.

  6. Don

    This is one of my favourites, Leanne.

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