Monochrome Madness – Steavenson Falls

For Monochrome Madness this week I went back to some photos taken a few years ago of Steavenson Falls in Marysville.

This is often an incredible waterfall and I don’t think it ever disappoints. I love going there, and really think I should take another visit soon. With all the rain we have had it should be quite spectacular.

This next image, I’ve used for MM before, but it is one of my favourite images of the falls and I wanted to show it again.

I remember working on it.

I really want to go back there now. I might try and see if I can this week.

This next image is one that I have also shown before, but it was previously a colour image and I converted it to black and white for today’s post.

This isn’t a view I do very often. You have to stand on a bridge with your tripod and filters on the camera, if anyone else walks on it then your image won’t work. Everything shakes too much. Might have to try for an early morning.

It has been quite a few years since I have been. Marysville was devastated by bushfires (wildfires) back in 2009 and everything was burned. The whole town almost went and not much was left. Now I enjoy going back to see how they are recovering, especially the landscape.

I think it is one of the things I love about looking for older photos to post it reminds me of places I’ve been and maybe places I can revisit.

I think that is it for today. I will talk to you in the comments or with the next post. Keep reading for details if you want to participate as well.

Participating in Monochrome Madness

If you would like to participate in this challenge please post photos on your blog and use the tag Monochrome Madness, as then I can use the reader to see what you post. Also, use the tag mid-week monochrome to catch Bren’s as well.

I’m afraid I don’t use Social Media much anymore, but maybe tag it #monochromemadness for Instagram and I will try and look. That would be brilliant.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos, I can’t pick a favorite, they’re all wonderful. Hope to participate in monochrome madness soon.

    1. Thank you Audrey, not a problem that you can’t a pick a favourite. I hope you do too. I look forward to seeing what you do.

  2. Love pictures of waterfalls. These three are beautiful ones. I had forgotten about looking on Instagram but i notice that there are other people using #monochromemadness for even coloured photos. Not so many people posting on WordPress yet.

    1. Me too, they are so beautiful. Yeah, I keep forgetting to look in Instagram as well. I just can’t be bothered with all these social media sites these days. Yeah, unfortunately I don’t own the hashtag, so I don’t know. I hope the WordPress one picks up, it is still new, we will see. I am going to keep going though.

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