Silent Sunday – Colour Vs Infrared

When I posted the infrared photos the other day of Tasmania I was asked by Matt which was better for Tassie. So here are some colour shots and infrared photos.

I’ve chosen at this stage to go with photos I took of Port Arthur. I had them already. I will do another post in the future showing some other ones.

Happy Sunday.

Port Arthur in colour

Port Arthur in Infrared

Can you tell I liked doing the infrared more?

Which ones do you like best?

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  1. The infrared images are quite striking, looking a bit like a snowy landscape. The first image in the gallery is really dramatic. I like both the colour images and the infrared but think the infrared stand out from the many Port Arthur images around.

  2. I’m not sure that I can say that I like any specifically more than another. But for me personally, I like photos that include more nature. I think some of my favorites that you have posted here are those that blend nature and old infrastructure. Well done.

  3. Interesting. The infrared image with the deep blue sky looked great; but I couldn’t say I like one more than the other… though the trees in infrared seem magical.

    1. I think the infrared images are great when you have vegetation. They are so different to what is actually there. I will show you more Matt soon. Thank you.

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