Silent Sunday – The Sun Sets

Silent Sunday - The Sun Sets

Today I’ve been out a lot and so for Silent Sunday, I have a couple of photos of the sun as it sets over the Great Ocean Road.

Silent Sunday – The Sun Sets

I’m still up at mum’s and today I’ve been out all day taking photos and socialising. It was a great day catching up with friends I have made up here.

Though, I don’t want to work on my photos here, so you will have to wait. However, I have a couple of photos from my trip to Port Campbell where the sun was setting.

It was the only day where we took photos of it, really the only one we saw. Most nights it was too overcast and we didn’t want to get up early just in case it was a bust.

So this is a very short post, I can’t always care about SEO, so I hope you enjoy these photos and your Sunday.

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