Snapping Away with a Canon IXUS 510


Last year, I went to a photography event, you know, one of the big shows at the Exhibition Centre here in Melbourne, with a friend, and Canon were selling the Canon IXUS 510 compact cameras for $100.  It was really too cheap to pass up.  We were told that they were worth over $300 and we were given a three year warranty with it.  It isn’t a bad camera, and I have had lots of fun with it, but one thing I have enjoyed using it for is the macro setting on it.


You can get so close.  I can’t get that close with my DSLR, well not until I get a macro lens for it, so until then the phone and this camera will have to do me. I couldn’t stop taking photos with it.  It is such a small camera and so light, so it was so easy.  I would have taken photos for a long time, but then the battery died on me, so that put a stop to it.


Another thing I had fun with was the fisheye setting.  It was hysterical seeing what I could do with it and how distorted I could make things.  I will have to play with this setting a lot more I think.


Sometimes it is good to just take photos when it is easy.  I love my DSLR, but sometimes, taking photos has to be other things as well.  I like taking photos with all sorts of cameras. I still think, no matter what camera you use there are challenges involved. Compact cameras and cameras in phones are all about composition, and phone cameras can be hard to use because you have to have a steady hand, well I find they can be awkward.

I have a gallery of photos for you now.  Remember if you would would like to join us sometime for Social Snappers the excursions for Term 4 are now up, I have Sundays and Thursdays available.

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  1. As always Leanne, I love all of your photography, and I do love flower photography, however the fish-eye lens pictures are just great I love the one of the trees lining the walk way!

  2. I think that I’ll comment over here. I just had a look at your new camera’s prices in the US. Depending on source, their cost is anywhere from US$249 to US$399. So, you got a great deal. One thing to know about that camera and the Nikon version is that unless you really have something special to photograph, they will fulfill every need you have and will do it inexpensively because they follow the first rules of computing… smaller, cheaper, better. Pictures look great.

    One more thing, these new efficient cameras do chew up batteries as you found out. I use a company called Wasabi. Find them online. Two batteries and a charger for a third of the cost for one brand name battery.

    1. Thanks Ray, a good place to comment. I think that camera had been discontinued here, which is why they were selling it cheap, trying to get rid of stock. Still a great deal. I know they are good cameras, and I love taking photos with it, but I do think at the end of the day, I like the control I have with the DSLR, I like determining what my depth of field will be. Perhaps I have a think about control. I can definitely see its uses.
      I will have to look up that place, I had only just charged the battery about 2 weeks before hand, so was very surprised at quickly it went down. My friend with me said that she has found it is best to recharge just before you use it.

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