Sunday Morning Time Lapse and Hyper Lapse

I have been out again doing more time lapse in the city.

Last Sunday I went into the city very early with my friend Steve. I tried doing a sunrise time-lapse, but I forgot to check the settings and it was done with Aperture Priority instead of Manual. So the first time-lapse you see is it but there is a lot of flickering because the exposures were all different and it was too hard to correct them all.

I know many of you didn’t seem that keen on the hyper-lapse, but I do like them a little bit. I find videos that are all them too much, but I have tried adding 3 in this video among the time-lapse ones. I’m not going to lie they aren’t very good and they are my first attempt at them. I think they are fun to do, but also really hard. I love new challenges and this is going to be my new challenge, so I know you will see more.

Now, I also want to keep doing time-lapses as well. It is really nice to be getting into something new. I love learning new skills.

Before I go can I ask a favour. Would you mind clicking the YouTube button on the video and watching it there. If you watch it here on the blog it doesn’t count as views on YouTube. I’m curious. Of course if you can’t do that, that is fine, but if you can I thank you.

Here is the time-lapse of my Sunday morning in the city of Melbourne, I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I don’t normally watch video on blogs but I thought I would give this a go. Watched on You Tube as requested. It is amazing and it was fascinating to see the motion of the clouds and such clear images. Unfortunately it did trigger my tendency to motion sickness though so maybe not something to do too often for me.

    1. I think the hyper lapses probably caused the motion sickness, I get it a bit too with other videos. I do love the time lapses with the clouds and really want to do more of those. Thank you for looking at it on YouTube RJ, I really appreciate it.

  2. Beautiful! Brings back memories of our trip last winter (i.e. your summer), walking along the Yarra and crossing the bridges. Is that the lead-in to Flinders St Station and Fed Sq on your opening shot? Thanks for posting.

    1. There are lots of bridges that go over the river, it is great. Yes, it is the Princes Bridge which goes to those places. You’re welcome and thank you too Kevin.

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