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The other day I made another trip to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Winter Masterpiece exhibition, Van Gogh and the Seasons. The first time I went it was so crowded you couldn’t see it, let alone enjoy it. I’m happy to say the advice I was given about going on a weekday and early proved to be true. While there were still many people, it wasn’t so crowded and it was much better to see. We did have to wait at some paintings to see them, but it wasn’t long, and was expected really, as with any exhibition.
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The Book and Instagram

For you today I have photos that have been up on Instagram this week, I also have a new page for you to look at.

The Six Seasons of My Backyard

Most of you, i hope, know by now that my book has been published, but some have expressed a wish to see inside the book. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that where you can purchase it, so I have put together a page where you can see a random selection of about 5 double pages from the book. It should give you an idea of what the book is like.

It is separated into the six season, with a description at the start of each one so you know how the Wurundjeri saw the seasons. Then throughout the pages are lines of poems written by Courtney Colclough a local girl who grew up in the area. Where we could, we have tried to match the images to go with the words. The poems are so beautiful.

There are also instructions on how you can order your copy.  To see the page click here.


Five photos for you today from this last week on Instagram.


As I have said earlier, I thought I would do my catch up post today. While I’ve got a lot going on, I haven’t been doing a lot really. Well lots of photos.  Let’s take a look.

Dynamic Range Magazine

Don’t forget to get your copy. It is still available, click here for the link.

Subscribing is the best way to ensure that you get each issue, click here for the link.

The Six Seasons of My Backyard

My book on Banyule Flats and the seasons is getting very close to being published. We have the layout and now just need to get a couple of things and then off to the council for approval, then publishing. It is fantastic. I am really looking forward to this project being done. It feels like it has been going on forever. Still, not long now. Ordering it will be available soon. I am almost getting really excited.

For those that live in Melbourne that would like to order a copy there will be an opportunity for me to do a bulk order for you. Send me an email if you would one.


I was just having a Skype session with a lovely lady and we were talking about mentoring and what it was, and she said, is it like feedback, and I said, yes, that was it exactly. It is about helping, giving feedback, and helping you to further your photography.  Here is the link to the page about it, Mentoring.

Want some help working out where you need to go next and develop further, then mentoring could be exactly what you need. Send me an email to discuss it.


I will leave it there for now. I am trying to get back into blogging more so hopefully you will start to see more posts from me. Anyway, here are some photos from a 2014 trip to Point Lonsdale.




In the last couple of weeks I seem to be spending more and more of my time in the city taking photos. I really want to try some new things, and I know the images I’m taking are a little different to my usual work. Though, I have to admit, I’m not totally sure what I want to do yet. I know I seem confused and perhaps I am.  Then I was reminded that I promised to blog here more and I haven’t been. It is getting crazy, I have the next issue of Dynamic Range Magazine due out in about two weeks, my book on Banyule Flats has to be finished in the next month or so, and I have a whole new body of work I’m itching to start. See, crazy.  Let me show you what I have been doing.


I’ve been going back to the city and isolated places and seeing what I can do with them.

I enjoy making them look isolated, mysterious and perhaps dark. I’m still playing around with the processing and seeing what I can do with them. I think it helps when I know what I am trying to do, what feeling I want to express.


This is under the rail bridge that runs between Flinders Street Station and Southern Cross Station. It is an area that is often inhabited by homeless people, except when it rains. Then there is too much water. It is a beautiful underpass, if that is the right phrase. I liked how isolated it looked, almost lonely.


Sometimes it is also interesting to just take some photos that have an almost abstract quality to them. I like the columns here. They are black and shiny, but everything reflects in them, so they almost blend into the surrounds. It is the second time I have been there to take photos, and I suspect not the last.

With all three images they are in places that I know I will go back to. It is nice to have places to photograph over and over and see what you can do. Get them in different lights and different seasons.

With the last photo I have also done it in black and white for Monochrome madness on my other blog.