Weekend Wanderings – Alowyn Gardens


During the week I had a quick trip to Alowyn Gardens. I was there to talk about doing some workshops, but I also spent some time in the gardens and thought it would be a good post for Weekend Wanderings.


Weekend Wanderings – Alowyn Gardens

One of the things I love about going there is how different it is each time. Especially as we cycle through the seasons. We don’t seem to get a very long autumn anymore. Here we are in April and you can see the leaves of the Wisteria still haven’t changed. They are starting to, but it will be a while yet.

As I walked around you could see that the flowers were getting ready for the winter. Some of them are reaching the end of the season and you can see they are dying. While others are enjoying this time of the year. Good to see that there were flowers to photograph.

The bees were funny. I only saw a couple, but they were slow. It was so easy to take photos of them. It was surprising how slow they were moving around the flowers. They also didn’t seem that concerned about me or my camera.

All images were taken with my macro lens.


Macro Photography Workshop

The main reason for going there the other day was to talk to them about some workshops. We are planning on doing a few over the next few months.

The first one will be on the 18th of May. It will start at 8.30 in the morning and go to 12.30. Morning tea will be included.

The price of the workshop will be $75 and if you would like to book, then follow this link to the Facebook events page. If you don’t have Facebook, you can book with Try Booking.


Here are a few photos that show things changing. What is happening where you are? Are you noticing the changes in the seasons?


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  1. So strange to see all the signs of Autumn coming when it is Spring coming here. The leaves on my apple tree are just beginning to show! I especially like the first photograph and the one with the fountain is so beautiful.

    1. I used to feel the same, but over the years I have got very used to it. It is funny though how it seems the end of the year, early start and bad photography times for most around the world. Whether that is because of the summer, here, or winter in the northern hemisphere. Thank you RJ

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