It is time for a change

What I mean is that it is now March, so it is getting to the time that the leaves will start changing. I’m not sure when that will happen because summer is still here. Supposed to be 39 this coming weekend. That is not an autumn temperature.

Oh well, we will have to wait a little longer.

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  1. Billions of people living on the same planet yet we’re experiencing it differently. It’s autumn for some…and spring for others. It’s mind blowing. And yes 39 is too hot for approaching autumn but it will get cooler eventually. 🍂🍁

    1. So very true, it it incredible. Yeah it is too hot and this weekend we are expecting 39, 37 and then 34. Too hot. You are right it will be cold before we know it.

  2. Beautiful Autumn photographs. Always strange to think of your approaching Autumn when we are just in Spring. been a wet winter here. Maybe when it warms up I might be tempted to go out and take a few photographs.

    1. Thank you Rj. YOu would think I would find it strange, but perhaps a lifetime of watching the northern hemisphere means it isn’t strange. I don’t go out when it is hot, love going out in winter, but don’t think our winter is like yours.

    1. Totally opposite Beth. I think that is what I like about looking at snow photos, they are posted when we are in summer, so they are refreshing.

    2. sorry, (same, not, Dan), and it’s always so interesting to see the warmth when we are cold

    3. Hahaha, I was trying to figure it out, thanks for clarifying Beth. I agree, though it doesn’t work as well when it is winter here and you are in summer.

  3. Beautiful colors Leanne, the first signs of the changing season… here we start to see the the first leaves to appear on the bushes, the trees will follow later. Our season are the opposite 🙂 Belgian greets from Antwerp.

    1. Yeah they would be Rudi, though these photos were taken a few years ago. Yeah, sometimes it seems we feel like we are always opposites, haha. Thank you Rudi. I hope the trees follow soon.

  4. I hope you’re out of the heat soon. We’re anxiously waiting for Spring and the rain to end. In the past few years, we’ve gone from winter right into summer.

    1. So do I Anne, it was a very late summer so we can’t complain too much, it has just got very hot for the last month or so.

    1. Yeah it is hot, but we get temps like that in summer all the time, it is just late in the season to still be getting it. We should be colder, it is very weird. It is autumn now.

    2. Oh, thanks for this info. Spring is about to spring here, you can just feel it. It’s cool that we live thousands of miles away from each other yet live in a similar climate. It’s 63F and clear here this evening.

    3. I think they are similar John, though I think you get a lot more hot days in summer than we do. You climate is probably very similar to where my mother lives, they get lots and lots of days over 100F. How cold does it get in winter. Here overnight it often gets to 0 or 32F. Sometimes colder, but not much.

    4. I see. Las Vegas is in the High Desert which is Maria but cooler. My ex and I rented a house with a pool which actually froze over with a thin layer. That’s cold enough! This winter I didn’t see 32F at my home which is about 2800 feet ASL. Looking forward to the summer heat!

    5. We are a pretty flat country, so we get lots of frosts, most places never see snow. A pool would never freeze over here, well not where I am or where my mum is. The coldest it is has ever got where I live is -2.5C which is around 27F. I don’t even know how far from sea level we are, let me look. We are about 290 feet above sea level. My mum is even less. Yep, we are flat country.

    6. Okay, thanks for this info, Leanne! I love stats like this. 27 would be a potentially warm day in Michigan where I am from. The snow won’t melt much making snowmobiling better.

    7. I love stats too John, they can be really interesting. Wow 27 being a warm day, it is freezing here when it is that. Snow not something I have to worry about. I was almost 30 years old before I saw snow for the first time and it was in Denmark.

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