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The other night I went into the city to take some photos of the Bolte Bridge. I had wanted to do the sunset there. I met my friend Chris and we made our way to the base of it. On the way I put the Samyang 12mm fisheye on and took lots of photos with it.

I have been writing a review on the lens and that has been a great excuse to get out and try it out. It is such an interesting way of seeing the world. I think you will again.

Here is a gallery of images. I hope your weekend is going well. Here it has been raining on and off all day, also been very cold. Apparently summer isn’t quite ready to arrive yet, I’m complaining mind you.


It happens every year at this time, and for a long time there was even a public holiday so people could go. We lost that holiday years ago. We were told we had too many public holidays, then last year or the year before they decided perhaps we didn’t so they gave us a new one for the football grand final parade. Ridiculous really, as much as they, meaning the television, footfall teams and government, might not think there are a lot of us who really don’t like the football. OOh, I’m so unAustralian, Oh well.

So getting back to the show, rant over, the show was good fun and a great place to take photos. It was also fun to play around with some different lenses and see what I could get with them. I have been twice in the last week, and the first time I went I took the Lensbaby Velvet 56 with me.

One of the things that is good about the show is the ability to shoot heaps of close ups and I do think the Velvet 56 is fantastic for that.

Here is a gallery of the photos I took with that, then I will show other photos in a separate gallery.

I did take some shots with my phone, but I think I lost them. I wanted to do some night shots, but I needed a wider angle so I put my 24-70mm back on.

Without a doubt night shots at somewhere like the show or carnival are so much fun to do. The patterns that you just don’t see with your eyes are incredible. I was having so much fun, but then the rain started. That put a stop to it really. I was getting too much water on my lens and the last 10 or so images are really unusable.  It was time to leave.

I will have more photos from my second trip tomorrow. If you are in Melbourne the Royal Melbourne Show is on until Tuesday, so you still have time to get there.