Floral Friday – Phone photos with new lenses


Have I told you about the new phone lenses that I got from Struman Optics?

I have to say they are, by far, the best lenses for the phone I’ve used so far. I love how you can get a phone case for the iPhone and Samsung phones. The cases have a hole where the camera is and the lenses screw into them. It holds them on properly and makes it so much easier to take photos. You don’t have to fiddle around making sure that everything is aligned.

The set I have has three lenses, a wide angle which is also good for macro, a fisheye, again good for macro and a macro lens, that is only good for macro. I used them a lot while in Tasmania, though mainly just the first two.

I did take the macro lens and the wide angle out into the garden yesterday morning. There are so many things there to photograph at the moment, it is wonderful. I have worked on three to show you.

I hope you have a lovely day today.

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  1. I am currently enrolled in iPhone Photography school. I love it. I am interested in these lenses. Did you say you could offer a discount? Anything would help, though I think they’re a good deal, anyway.

    1. That’s great Terri, I love the lenses, I think they are great. They do have a deal it is a bit different, use social20 when you are checking out Terri.

    1. I think you can order them online Julie and get them posted. I am supposed to be able to give a discount, so let me know if you want them and I will find out.

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