Well, I did it, and so happy I did

Do you remember back in December I was loaned the Tamron 18-300mm lens for the Fujifilm?

You know, this one.

Tamron 18-300mm-f-3-5-6-3-di-iii-a-vc-vxd.

After using it a few times, plus remembering how much I liked the Tamron 28-300mm for the Nikon, I didn’t want to let it go. So I have purchased it.

I’m so happy with it. It is going to be a great lens for walking around and just seeing what I can get with it.

I have been out with it a few times now and have to say it has been good. It is nice to be able to do wide-angle plus zooming in. The zooming in is quite impressive and I will have more examples of that for you in the future.

Anyway, I was out with it yesterday and I’m a bit exhausted today, so I will leave you with a few photos I took with it last December. Though, I will have some photos from my outing yesterday this coming week.

Take care everyone and have a good weekend.

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    1. Thank you Khürt, yeah, I don’t have a problem with it because I can use the front dial on the camera to change it, like I do with my Nikon.

  1. Nice photos! Glad you were able to purchase the lens! I have a few similar purchases, I haven’t “”pulled the trigger” on purchasing yet.

    1. Thank you Marland. It was good to be able to get it. I have lots I’ve wanted, but glad this one I was actually able to get.

  2. Your images are outstanding as always. That’s quite the range in one lens, so glad it worked out and you are happy.

  3. Lovely photos again and now I’m so very, very tempted to look into a new lens for my X-T20. (Shoves hands in imaginary pockets.)

  4. Very nice pix!!. I think I have a .50 It’s what the guy at the shop sold me. Very hard to zoom in on anything.

    1. It does have some weight, all good lenses do, but it isn’t as heavy as you might expect. I know a friend of mine who was thinking about it and hates heavy lenses picked it up and was happy with the lens with the camera.

    1. Thank you RJ. I am really happy with it, it is going to be a nice lens to just go out and relax with, if that makes sense. Oh yes, to more exploring definitely.

  5. Outstanding work with the colors and light. My favorite lens is the Nikkor 105mm 2.8 macro lens, which I need to reconnect with again when I upgrade my Nikon body. Thanks for sharing the beauty you have found with your creative eye through the lens.

  6. I’m SO glad you now have your very own Tamron 28-30 !!! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your new toy! 🙂 Your photographer skills are already great, and it will be good to see the wondrous things you discover up close.

    1. Thank you Pat, it is going to be fun to see what I can do with it. I’ve never owned a lens like this before, only borrowed, so it is going be great.

    2. just got back online after a major crash of my mainframe. Fortunately have an old HP laptop that is in working order…what a relief.

  7. Leanne, Great photos. I have the Tamron 70-300–probably not quite as nice as yours, but it has been a good multipurpose lens for me. I agree, it is nice to have the combined telephone and macro capability in one lines.

    Have to ask. What is the first photo at the top of your post, Are those teeth?

    1. Thank you Merlin. It is good to have an multipurpose lens, I like that name for it.
      No they are teeth, some one had carved steps into the rock.

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