Taking it easy on Take It Easy

Chris and Wade are back in town for a short time. Their boat, Take it Easy is docked down at Yarra’s Edge and I spent some time with them. It has been months since I last saw them and it is kind of fun visiting them on the boat, okay a lot of fun.

The weather was looking good for sailing so we motored out along the Yarra River and then the sails went up once we were in the bay. It was so good and so relaxing. I can understand why people find it addictive. I think I like sailing, or just being on boats. There is something very zen about it.

The sun was shining when we left, and it was raining when we returned. We had wind, and then it died, before picking up a bit. I think they were hoping for better sailing weather, but I didn’t care, I was just happy to be there. Of course, I do like it when it gets rough, I don’t know why, but I like that, makes it seem more real or something.

I took my camera along and my 80-200mm to take some photos. Not easy when you are standing on something that keeps moving. Will have to delete a lot, but still, got some that I’m quite happy with. It was great to see the city with a large expanse of water in front of it. Something I have wanted to get for a while now. I also liked all the ships. They are so big and continuous, well they are always coming in and out of the bay.

Before we go to the photos I just want to thank Chris and Wade for taking me out on the boat, I had such a good time. You can check out Chris’s photos here as well, she even snuck in one of me, well the back of me.Β  So I hope you are taking it easy this Sunday.

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  1. Thanks for the link back to us and kind words Leanne! Can’t wait to have you on board for a few days on the NSW Coast so you can really experience sailing and living on board. No long showers though! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve left comments on the original post. Love them. Two in particular.

  3. I heard from our friends Chris and Wade that they had a great time with you, They are a great couple to have as friends. Thanks for your post Leanne. πŸ™‚

  4. Great photos Leanne, I just read Chris’ post. Sounds and looks like a great day! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŒ΄

    1. It was John, it was a great opportunity to go out with them. I felt like I was in the way some times, but I guess that is to be expected. Thank you.

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