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Boat Cruise around Doubtful Sound

When I did the boat cruise around Doubtful Sound with Real Journeys I did a blog post, but at the time I promised to do another one that would be more detailed. This is that post. It was an unexpected day, but one of my favourites while in New Zealand.


New Zealand Wanderings Day 2 – Lake Cruise

Last night we were fairly certain that our lake cruise for day 2 of our New Zealand Wanderings would be cancelled because of the weather. For day 2 we had a boat cruise and a helicopter flight over the glaciers booked.

Tasmania – Wineglass Bay Cruise

Working out what to do when you are travelling is one thing, but then sometimes the plans fall apart or you realise you have forgotten to plan anything for a particular day. That is pretty much what we worked out a couple of days ago. We spent some time looking around for things to do […]