Tasmanian Wanderings – Our last full day

Today was the last full day in Tasmania and tomorrow we have some time before we have to be back in Devonport to catch the Spirit of Tasmania.

Today we went on a cruise along the Tamar River. We thought it would be good to go on a cruise that would also go through Cataract Gorge. It was really beautiful. However, it also went along the river towards the mouth that went out to the ocean.

The weather wasn’t so great, but what can you do? It was overcast, but if you know me you know I don’t mind that. We did get a bit of rain, but we could still get out on the deck of the boat to take photos.

These are photos from my phone. I didn’t take many, I was too busy with my camera. I took a lot with that.

It was a lovely cruise and we learned a lot along the way.

Afterwards we went out for lunch and then took a drive out of town.

This is going to be my last post from Tasmania. I have lots of photos to show you, but need to get home to work on them.

Thank you to those that have followed along on my trip and I hope you will enjoy the photos to come.

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  1. It is amazing to me that where you are must be 8234 miles away, and yet your photos and narrative have erased the distance briefly. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m the same Marilyn, I like those conditions too. I don’t like bright sunlight, makes it so much harder. Thank you Marilyn.

  2. Love the misty autumn colors in the trees. Nice reminder that we live on a gently tilted planet πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve enjoyed following your visit to Tasmania, Leanne, have a safe trip home. The river cruise sounds great!

    1. Plenty more to see Lois, I will be going through my photos and hopefully doing more detailed posts on different places. Thank you.

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