Teaching in the city

Teaching in the city

I found myself teaching in the city this morning. It is funny how I thought my days of teaching were over. People seem to keep finding me.

Teaching in the city

We started early, just before sunrise. We saw there was colour in the sky and rushed down to the river to get it. However, when we saw what the river was like and all the pink, well, that is what we took. In the end we didn’t take any photos of the actual sunrise. What can you do?

This morning I was finishing a one on one lesson for long exposure photography. We started it last week, but the weather was crap so we rescheduled.

This morning wasn’t great beyond the sunrise. There were some clouds, but too much sun. You can do long exposures with that, however, it is not easy. You end up with lots of places that are burnt out.

Taking photos in the city

Even though the conditions weren’t great I had a great time. I love talking photography with people and sharing our experiences.

We ended up walking into the city to see what we could find. It was something different to do, and I loved it. We spent some time around the GPO building, but you will have to wait to see those.

I played around one of those sunrise shots. It is always fun to just play and see what you get.

Teaching in the city

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  1. I was the very fortunate beneficiary of Leanne’s teaching…a thoroughly enjoyable and most valuable time. Highly recommended!

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