Finding Inspiration on a Friday


We hear about inspiration everywhere and to do what we do, we have to have some kind of inspiration. What I think is inspiring won’t be the same for you, and vice versa. If we know what truly inspires us it can make our work so much easier.

One of things that I get a lot of inspiration from is movies. There are films that I find really visually appealing. Perhaps the actual story may not be great but how it looks and what they have done to it is fantastic, to me. I can name a few movies that I find inspiring, The Matrix trilogy, Lemony Snicket, and The Day After Tomorrow. Do you have some favourite films that give you inspiration?

Social Media this week

As usual I have some of the photos that have been on Social Media this week.


This was taken on top of a cliff near Anglesea.  I took it earlier in the year. I’ve been finding some older photos to show on Instagram.


A long exposure of a small pier near Watson’s Bay. I took this just after I first got my filters from Formatt Hitech. I was playing around with them to see what I could get.


This has been my most popular photo on Instagram ever. It was shared on a couple of other sites which was nice. It has also had more likes than any other image I’ve ever put up. One could say it is one of my most successful images. I’ve even sold it.


This is a new image that I did yesterday for Social Media. I made the blacks darker to give it a silouette look. Normally I hate people in my photos, but they do seem to work in this one. We were at the Golden Gate Bridge in Crissy Field trying to get a sunset, we didn’t get much, but I liked this.


I did this image today. It is a very popular place to take photos in Melbourne, well with some of us. Part of a beautiful building. I like this walkway which is beside it.

There were other photos, but I have already shown those to you in other blog posts.

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  1. I agree with Tina. That’s great you sold that popular one. It is gorgeous. The hallway and the coastline are luscious too. For visual inspiration I like Vertigo and North by Northwest. Vertigo because of how he Hitchcock showed three dimensions very well with that windmill scene, the stairs, the jacket getting caught in the gear, incredible. North by Northwest, that scene where Gregory Peck climbs up the wall of that cantilevered house. I love all the angles in his shot.

    For writing, two movies I would like to do something like someday are Charade and Key Largo.

    Fun topic!

    1. It was nice, would be good to sell more, I might set up a gallery to do that, if I can. I have seen those movies, but I don’t really remember them. Good to hear what people find inspiring.
      I don’t really know these two either, besides the song Key Largo haha. Thanks Nicci.

  2. I really love the “most popular” photo. It’s otherworldly. And I like the silhouette a lot too, the people fit great in that shot.

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