Floral Friday


Floral Friday

Sometimes I have trouble working out what to post, then yesterday I posted a photo of a flower on my macro Instagram page and thought perhaps it would be a good one for you as well. I liked the name of Floral Friday, so I might do it more.

Here is a photo of a tulip taken at the last Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. I was using the Lensbaby Velvet 56 when I took it. I really like that lens.



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  1. beautiful blog and what a creative idea! I’d love for you to check out mine!

  2. Beautiful Leanne πŸ˜„

  3. Stunning! I really like this πŸ™‚

  4. That is a ROSE. I can smell it and feel it from here.

  5. This is so beautiful 🌷

  6. Amy

    Great light capture, Leanne. And, the color, Wow!!

  7. Gorgeous! I might take a leaf out of your book (or should that be petal) and do a Floral Friday as I haven’t posted yet today.

  8. Vishal

    The name Floral Friday a very nice name for the lovely photo you took..shows the shades of the tulip its picture perfect

  9. Nice! Love the soft focus with brillliant color.

  10. That’s a pretty picture, Leanne! I like how you placed your watermark, too!

  11. David

    Gorgeous colours on the Floral Friday post.

  12. Lovely to take, hard to frame (crop). I love the shallow depth of field and the way you have controlled the lighting, but I’m not sure if a rectangular crop is best- have you tried a square crop? I always love your novel approach – inspirational.Thanks.

  13. Beautiful. Floral Friday sounds good to me.

  14. beautiful
    love the color

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