The tree is gone

In my last garden update, I told you how we were removing a tree.

The tree

There are three main reasons for its removal.

1 – It was covered in aphids and we had no way to get rid of them.

2 – It was shading too much of the garden.

3 – We wanted more room for another fruit tree.

So all good reasons I think.

Autumn has arrived

We are getting a real autumn this year which is so good. The last few years it has happened so late and quickly. The trees have been changing colours for a while now and earlier than usual.

You can see more of it in the video I have below. This is all about the garden.

As I said last week I am keeping the gardening and photography separate, so the plan is to do different posts on them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing what I’ve been up in the garden.

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  1. It’s cool and rainy here today but we are moving into summer. Many days are warm and sunny. The leaves on the trees are bright and green, We have just come through the time when flowering trees were blooming which my favorite time of spring, along with the tulips. I love the tulip, crocus, and hyacinths in the spring. See you next time!

    1. Your weather sounds like ours at the moment. However, our days are getting cooler. I love the flowering tree time, but I am really enjoying the autumn leaves at the moment. The big tree in the video is just outside our living room and it looks glorious. Enjoy all the flowers Lena. Thank you.

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