Trying to work it all out

The whole garden versus photography thing has been a bit of a battle. Do I just show photography again since I’m getting back into it again, or do I stick with gardening and the house?

They have been on my mind quite a bit. In the end, I have come up with a solution, I think.


If you do actually watch my YouTube videos you will know that I am indeed getting back into photography again. I am loving it. Getting out again with the camera has been fantastic.

Without the added pressure of making money from art, I can just go and take photos of what I like and when I like. There is a freedom in it that I really enjoy.

I suppose when I was doing it as a business I felt I had to mainly do the photography that people would pay me for. Why would I waste time doing some things just for the fun of it? However, now, that is exactly what I do.

So you will start to see a lot more photography here. Now that “I have got my mojo back” as my friend Chris would say, it is what I want to do. This week I’ve been experimenting with timelapse photography again.


A few years ago I got a Syrp Genie Mini to use for timelapse. It pans the camera smoothly so you can get a nice motion. However, I didn’t really use it much. Then when I got the Fujifilm camera I couldn’t connect it because I didn’t have the right cord, well that changed last week.

I went down to Banyule Flats and did some timelapse photography. You can see what I did in my latest video on my YouTube channel, here is the link, Leanne Cole – Photographer. The video is called The Lapse of Time in Banyule, click the title to go directly to the video.

Oh, another thing, I got the new filter holder from Formatt Hitech and we take a quick look at it in the video as well.

So back to the garden

Because the YouTube channel was becoming all about photography I had to work out what to do with the garden. The solution was to keep them separate, in that world, the video world.

I discovered that I can use Vimeo for free and add the videos here for you to see. As long as they aren’t too long or too big. So I have tried doing my first one for you here. It is very short because not a lot has been happening out there, but things have started changing from one season to another.

Seriously this video was more to see if I could do it and how. Let me know what you think, please.



Onwards and upwards

I know I ask all the time what you want to see, but I rarely get any feedback. So if there is anything you would like me to do, either with the photography videos or with the gardening and house, then let me know. Let me a comment, I like those.

On a side note, all the images are part of the timelapses I did.

Let’s talk soon.

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  1. Love hearing about your garden as we are going into summer and you winter. It just fascinating to see the differences in climate and all of that.

    1. So your peak season is coming up and our down season is upon us. We are experiencing lots of colourful trees right now, though no where near the amount as other countries. I will be doing posts on the garden, and I am thinking of doing one a week especially on it. Will see how I go with it all. Thank you for your feedback Lena.

    2. Yes, it is late spring. Summer will be here in less than a month. May 31, Memorial Day, is the traditional opening of summer. I live in the North. The rule of thumb here is not to plant until the Memorial Day for fear of frost. The last couple nights have been 33, 34 degrees. It is wise to wait. It’s been known to freeze the week before Memorial Day Weekend.

    3. We are wondering if we will get any frosts this year, it is very wet so far. When it is like that we don’t really get frosts, but the rain is good for the garden, so that is a plus. Funny how different places decide the start of seasons, for us it is months, so winter starts on the 1st of June. Not long now. We don’t get snow here, so I love winter.

  2. Well since I enjoy my photography and am also experimenting with raised gardens, either or both are of interest to me. But I agree with Cornelia, what ever makes you happy at the moment.

    1. That is great to hear Merlin, they are both time consuming sometimes. I love watching the food I eat grow. It is also good being able to get out and take photos again. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. I love the beautiful photos which you put up. Too bad you do it less often now. I also used to love the videos you shared earlier about the work of interesting photographers.

    1. I am actually getting back into taking photos, probably about as much as I used to, so that is good. I used to do posts, but I think I just about exhausted every one I knew. Thank you for the feedback.

  4. Follow that Muse! One of the best bits of photography advice I ever got was to not try to make money at it, so you can do what you want, and develop as an artist in your own way and at your own pace. I like that advice. My wife and I garden a lot, as in homestead gardening. We don’t make any money at that, either, but the food is incomparable. Thank you for persisting with your work…it’s funny how folks don’t comment as much as they might. Same thing happens at my blog. Our place has an Australian-sounding name. “Wishetwurra Farm”. Regards, and thanks again.

    1. My husband said something similar, he said never try to make money from your hobby. I didn’t listen, lol. Gardening and growing your own food is so good, it is a bit depressing here now because I have to start buying more again. Yeah, the comment thing is hard. People don’t seem to have the time or blogs just aren’t as big as they once were. Who knows. The farm has a great name. And thank you too.

  5. Leanne, as a feedback, is what I want to say, is what ever makes you happy is all what counts. It’s about you what you want , your call counts, maybe not other’s expectations, it’s your journey of compassion,

    1. Well I guess ultimately I will do that, but it is also good to get ideas, sometimes I don’t know what to do, but thank you Cornelia, I know what you mean.

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