Weekend Wanderings – Animals at Healesville Sanctuary

Weekend Wanderings - Animals at Healesville Sanctuary

Today we are looking at some of the animals at Healesville Sanctuary from my visit the other day for Weekend Wanderings. Though not a lot of photos.

Weekend Wanderings – Animals at Healesville Sanctuary

Having a special zoo for Australian animals is weird in many ways. In case you aren’t aware most of our animals are actually nocturnal. So they sleep nearly all day. It makes it hard to observe animals that are sleeping.

They seem quite happy sleeping out in the open, but still, they are asleep. It gets very exciting when one of them wakes up and actually does something. It is a bit like that Banjo Patterson poem, “there was movement at the station”. You hear everyone gasping, look, it is moving. It is even worse than when you go to the zoo on a really hot day and the animals are sitting still because of the heat.

We really didn’t bother going to see a lot of them, I mean what is the point when you know from experience they will be out of it.

The Koalas are kind of cute when they nap, however. The way they sit in a round ball on branches is fun to watch. How they stay there is a mystery.

The kangaroos were just lounging around waiting for something to happen. Though the tree kangaroo provided some entertainment as it climbed around its hut.

Other than that, well, nothing more. Really if you go to Healesville the best things are the flowers, when they start, and the birds.


I have some photos of the animals for you, but will do the birds another day. I have lots of photos of the birds. Like I said the animals weren’t doing much, but here a couple of images. Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

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  1. At least you don’t have to worry about them moving arounds so much that you cannot get a decent photo. Oh, that cute little koala! How high up is he, Leanne?

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