Floral Friday – Winter garden

Floral Friday - Winter gardens

It seemed like a good idea to show some of the photos from the Winter garden workshop last weekend for Floral Friday today. The garden at this time of the year can be interesting.

Floral Friday – Winter garden

Last weekend I ran a macro photography workshop at Alowyn Gardens and the theme for it was the winter garden.

The garden in winter can be really interesting. One thing you can nearly always count on is lots of moisture. Whether that is from rain, morning dew, fog or frost. When we did the class there had been lots of rain, but the fog had settled in.

We started this class a lot earlier for that reason as well. Well, that was part of it, we also wanted the students to have the opportunity to get into the gardens before they were open to the public. As it turned out the morning was quiet, but Alowyn Gardens can get very busy, so having the opportunity to have the whole place to ourselves was good.

What we found

There were some flowers. They were in various stages of decay, but I think flowers are beautiful no matter what stage of their lives. Add to that the winter landscape and it seems like a great recipe for some different images.

I have a few of what I took. When you are teaching, you don’t get a lot of opportunities to take photos, but I got a few.


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