Weekend Wanderings – Birds at Healesville

Weekend Wanderings - Birds at Healesville

Today for Weekend Wanderings it seemed like a good idea to show some of the birds I photographed at Healesville Sanctuary a few weeks ago.

Weekend Wanderings – Birds at Healesville

I did a post on my visit there and you can see that by clicking here.

As I said previously the animals aren’t great to photograph there, but what they lack the birds more than make up for. If you want to see what Australian birds are like, then go to Healesville Sanctuary. There you will find nearly every one that exists in this country.

The birds here are so colourful. No idea why that is, perhaps because they don’t need to worry about predators so being bright colours doesn’t really matter. Of course, I’m just guessing here, I don’t really know.

We didn’t go to the birds of prey show. However, there are lots of other birds there to see. They have some really big aviaries for them. The birds still have plenty of room to fly around. I did actually spend quite a bit of time trying to photograph one of the cockatoos as it flew. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything that I could use. It is definitely something I need to practice.

I can’t lie, I do actually like photographing birds. They are a very challenging subject, but I can’t afford the equipment I really need to do it. The big lenses are not really hard to use, but they are expensive. So I don’t do it a lot. For these, I used a 70-300mm that I have. It isn’t ideal but gets the job done in a situation like this.


These are just some of the birds you can find at Healesville Sanctuary. There are a lot more, but we only went to about 3 of the places for them. The wetlands they have there now are really good too.

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. The colors on these birds are beautiful, Leann. But my favorite is the bird in your header. I have a particular love of the, how shall I say, ‘well nourished’ birds. so darn cute!

    1. They are very colourful. Oh the one in the header, many think it is an owl, but it isn’t. It is the tawny frogmouth. Very cute, thank you Lois.

  2. When I lived in Oz I enjoyed going to the Healesville Sanctuary. It was a special place. I particularly liked the bird of prey show. These birds (in your shots) are cool.

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