Weekend Wanderings – Country Dahlias


If you love dahlias, then you would love to do some weekend wanderings around Country Dahlias in Winchelsea. It is quite an amazing place.


Weekend Wanderings – Country Dahlias

It is almost impossible to photograph every dahlia that they have there. I have no idea how many there are, but there are a lot. Hundreds perhaps.

It is a farm near Winchelsea and they are only open for a short time each year. They close next weekend, so if you want to go you have to be quick.

The woman who runs it, Jenny, is wonderful and more than happy to answer any questions you have about the plants and their flowers.

The number of dahlias in flower can be a little overwhelming, and I think you have to start off by realising you can’t photograph them all. I left with 650 photos in my camera, and who knows how many on the phone.

Struman Optics Macro Phone Lens

While I love taking photos with either the Lensbaby Velvet 56 or my dedicated macro lens on my camera, I do also like to play with my phone as well. I put the Struman Optics macro lens on my phone to see what I could do.

The bees were around everywhere and not moving as fast as they usually are. I spent quite a bit of time taking photos of them. I also managed to capture a couple of other bugs as well.

Here is a small selection.

They are great lenses to use on your phone.

Taking photos with the camera

I did take some photos with the Velvet 56, but the photos I’m going to show you now were taken with my 105mm macro lens. It was fun to just walk around snapping here and there.

While using the macro lens I was also attaching a close-up filter lens on it as well to help me get closer.

When you are photographing somewhere like this you want to get as many photos as you can. Once the place closes that is it. However, you also want to try and get as many different angles as possible. Play around with the composition. I do that a lot. See what else I can get. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, but if it does, well, that is just fantastic.

While I did take around 650 images, I have only a small selection here, but you can bet you will get shown a lot more over the coming weeks.

While playing with the phone, I also had some fun doing some panoramas with the phone. There is one at the top of the post and here is another one.

Enjoy your weekend.


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    1. You’re welcome Jonathan, we have the same thing happening with autumn it happens later and later. It seems to have hit suddenly now. Thank you.

    1. Thank you RJ, I didn’t know, but I am not surprised, most names in Australia are named after towns or cities in Europe. I live near Heidelberg, obviously not the one in Germany. We have Chelsea here, Brighton, Ivanhoe, etc.

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