Weekend Wanderings – End of Season


Weekend Wanderings – End of Season

Sometimes you have to know when it is the right time to visit places. It seems for this Weekend Wanderings post my recent visit to the Blue Lotus Water Gardens was a bust as it seemed to be the end of the season.


Weekend Wanderings – End of Season

The first time we went this season there were flowers everywhere. This time, there were hardly any. Though, there were lots of dead seed pods. I think that is what they are called.

It was also surprising to see that there were lots of other flowers flowering all around the edges and around the water ponds where the lotus and water lilies were. Are they the same flower, not so sure?

I have to admit that I didn’t find it as good this time.

While all the other flowers were nice, it wasn’t what I went there for.

I took my 70-300mm and my 105mm macro lens, but I really only used the first one. I put the macro on, but soon realised it was of little use and took it off.

Going there

If you want to go I would go early in the season. I mean you go there to photograph the water lilies. It takes over an hour to get there from where I live, so you hope it is worth the trip. Not to mention the $18 or so to get into the place.

One thing to be aware of is how busy it gets. Busloads of tourists go there. It is best to try and get there at opening so you can try and keep ahead of the crowds. Tourists aren’t that bad for this sort of photography, but you still have to deal with them.

Wear good shoes. The walkways can be rough and you need to protect your feet.


Here is a selection of the images I took when I went. I didn’t take anywhere near as many images as I did the first time.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, my friend. A 🙂

  2. Very nice shots, Leanne. There is something special about dormant nature.

  3. Beautiful photographs. I especially like the seed heads, very sculptural. Those ‘eyes’ looking out of some of them are quite spooky though. 🙂

  4. i love the simplicity of this

  5. This is a very nice collection of images, Leanne. I live the warm tones and sculptural shape of the seed heads.

  6. really nice capture – and almost reminds me of a microphone

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