Weekend Wanderings – Going to Point Lonsdale to capture a time-lapse

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Some trips are done where we spend all day out, and others are done quickly so get something specific. Today’s Weekend Wanderings post is about going to Point Lonsdale to capture a sunset, but also to do a time-lapse. The conditions seemed perfect for both. There were wonderful clouds in the sky.

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

The clouds were really stunning and looked very wispy in the sky. I don’t often see clouds when I go there.

point-lonsdale-timelapse1-lighthouse-0114 copy

The clouds were moving very gracefully through the sky and it seemed like a good thing to get the Syrp Genie Mini out to do some time-lapse.

Weekend Wanderings – Going to Point Lonsdale to capture a time-lapse

The conditions were perfect for a time-lapse. The light was fading and the clouds were fantastic.

Everywhere you looked there were potential scenes for the time-lapse. The lighthouse down to the pier.

point-lonsdale-timelapse-pier-8190 copy

Then as I was waiting for that one to finish I could see the light hitting the water, so another one was done pointed that way.


Had to be quick with this one so I could get up to the pier for the sunset.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most beautiful sunset, but we do what we have to. It was good enough for the first time-lapse I have done with a sunset.

point-lonsdale-timelapse-sunset-9044 copy

This is one of the several hundred photos taken.

When I got home I had over 2000 photos and then I spent the following day processing and putting the time-lapse together.

Here is the final result.

I still have a lot to learn, but every time I do one I learn something new. I am still really enjoying doing them, and like where they are going.


Since we were there already we decided to get some dinner and then come back to get the Milkyway.

Again, not as easy as we thought. There was a lot of light around the lighthouse. We tried a few places and the following image is probably the best one.


Not the best one I’ve done, but the first for a long time. I want to do a lot more this year. We have started thinking of places to go so we can get good foregrounds. It is going to be tough, but the results are always worth it.

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  1. Perfect conditions indeed. Very impressive all round, Leanne. I didn’t expect there to be a quick jump to the pink sunset sky towards the end of the video, but other than that the time lapse was very seamless. Really like the Milky Way shot. It is very clear. With the cooler season coming up it will get dark faster and that means more time to go out and do these kind of shots. Good luck and I look forward to seeing them 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel. The quick jumps happen all the time Mabel. The milky way was a good one to get, hopefully the first for the season.I love how it gets dark early now, it is fantastic.

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