Weekend Wanderings – St Paul’s Beach Late in the Day


For the Weekend Wandering post today we are going to look back at a post I did on St Paul’s Beach back in January 2016. I have been getting out a lot this last week, but I’ve been doing a lot of time-lapse photos while I have the equipment from Syrp. It has to go back this week, so I have been wanting to play with it as much as possible. There will be a post on it soon, but for now, let’s take another look back.

Weekend Wanderings: St Paul’s Beach

On Friday I spent a wonderful day with a friend and we went down to Sorrento to take some photos of the back beaches. It was probably a mistake going there as it is the busiest time of the year there for holidaymakers. We weren’t quite expecting it to be as busy as it was.

We went to a few different places, but I think the best photos I got were from the last place, St Paul’s Beach.


The rocks are a great colour. I had my Merrell shoes so I was in the water taking photos. The tide was still out quite a bit so the water wasn’t too deep.

Nikon 28-30mm Lens

Nikon have loaned me the 28-300mm lens and I’ve been playing with it. I do think that I like the length of this lens andI like how versatile it is. I used it for the whole day and didn’t once think about changing it. I could zoom right in or right out. Brilliant really.

We were there for the sunset.


This is the best sunset shot I got. It wasn’t great for that. Actually, as my usual luck would have it really. One day I will get an amazing sunset, one day.

Burning Steel Wool

There were some teenagers on the beach taking photos as well and when it was clear that there wouldn’t be a sunset they started playing around with steel wool. I asked them if I could take photos as well.


I’ve never photographed this before, so it was fun to do. I didn’t take a lot. I said goodbye and left them to it, but also thanked them for letting me take some photos.

It was a great day and we discovered a new area that will need exploring. I took over 800 photos, so many to play with. I will leave you with a gallery now from this area.


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    1. If you ever have a chance, go for it, it is quite amazing. A friend and I want to do it again, but neither of us what to do the twirling. lol

  1. The colour of the beach rocks is amazing and I like the small areas of reflective water. I would never have guessed from your photos that the place was mobbed. You must have found some nice pockets of quiet isolation. Great job with the photos of the steel wool sparks. It must have been a fun challenge to photograph something new and unexpected.

    1. The colour is gorgeous, I think the late day, and golden light helped a lot too. We do have some great places that are quite peaceful, it is nice. I think this place is good because you can’t really swim or surf there, so really good.It was fantastic, would love to do more, but I don’t see it happening a lot. Thank you Laura.

  2. Lovely images.
    Web site issue: Lately every time I visit your site I get a pop up message, “Request failed. Return status of 404.” It’s at your server end.

    1. Thank you Sherry.

      How often is it happening Sherry, did it just start? No one else has had any issues, I’ve been asking people to test things as my husband has been doing some work on the security for it.

    2. I asked my computer technician, my husband and he said it isn’t my end, that it is yours, that you have something caching weirdly and that you need to press control and reload.

    3. It does not matter if I refresh the page or empty the cache on all 4 browsers. I tried changing the edefault browser. I get the same result, and only with your site. “Request failed return status 404” on all your posts. No other WP site has this problem. I link to it from your post notifications in my email using Outlook. Very odd. If I type your web address into a browser I don’t get that error message. I wonder if it is a web site certificate issue tangled up with Outlook.

    4. It sounds like it is an issue with Outlook Sherry, like I said you are the only person who has said anything, and as far as I know no one is having problems. So I don’t really know what else to say. Maybe don’t use Outlook.

    5. I won’t change my email address that I’ve had since 1995. Not happening love. I like to use Outlook. Maybe few folks use it these days.

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