Weekend Wanderings – Melbourne with an overseas visitor


Yesterday I wandered around the streets of Melbourne with a visitor from overseas and it seemed like a good idea to use the photos for a Weekend Wanderings post. Every now and then I am contacted by people who know me through the internet and then want to meet me when they come here.


Weekend Wanderings – Melbourne with an overseas visitor

Alexander from Scotland was visiting Melbourne. He contacted me a while back to see if we could catch up while he was here. It worked well with my trip to New Zealand.

He had already spent a couple of days here, but I took him to a lot of my favourite places in Melbourne. I showed him some places that maybe tourists wouldn’t really know about. While walking around I told him some of the history as I knew it.

We walked along the river for a bit, then headed over it and into the belly of the city. We walked through arcades, down lanes, or up them. At one stage we jumped on a tram. I took him to one of the oldest coffee shops in Melbourne for a coffee, surprisingly.

Unfortunately, two of our best older style architectural buildings were having works done to them. The State Library and Parliament House. There should be some sort of rule that only one building at a time can have works being done to them. It really isn’t fair to visitors to our beautiful city.


We walked and walked. In the end, I did around 10kms for the day. Crazy, no worry my feet were hurting.

I guess the next question is did he enjoy seeing my city? Well, I hope so. He said he did. We had a glorious day for it. Not my usual weather for taking photos, but oh well. It was a gorgeous autumn day.


I have processed a few of the photos for you to see.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve had a couple of other people do it over the years. It is always great showing people my city. I love doing it. Thank you Nora.

  1. As one of those visitors who has been fortunate enough to spend time with you Leanne, I can say for sure you are a great tour guide! Lucky Alexander. I’m sure he had a great day.

  2. Shame about the buildings being worked on, but it looks like you had some good weather to enjoy! Melbourne is faintly memory for me now, since I last visited it 20 years ago as a kid. I remember visiting the Queen Victoria Market at least! But that’s about it. Anyway thanks for the post. 🙂

    1. Yeah, it would be good if they thought about it a little more. It was frustrating going to these buildings to find they had scaffolding and all sorts of things over them. Sounds like you need to come back, it has changed a lot. The market is still there, though they are trying to change it, sadly. Thank you Ian.

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