Weekend Wanderings – Having a go at Podcasting


It seems like everyone is doing this, so why should I. So today for Weekend Wanderings I am going to be talking to you about having a go at Podcasting.

Weekend Wandering – Podcasting

Everywhere I have been turning lately I’ve been hearing about people trying out Podcasting. I have also started listening to quite a few myself. I like how you can listen to them on the go. So if you are driving somewhere you can have it on. You can listen while you are walking around. Basically, they are great. If you haven’t found any to look at, now is the time. For people who are time poor, I think they are perfect.

My biggest obstacle was whether or not photography was a good subject for podcasting? It is such a visual thing, so how would I be able to talk about it without showing people what I meant. It is something I stumbled on really. Then a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine said there were lots of podcasts from photographers. That got me thinking.

I had to work out what I was going to do. Obviously tutorials and such would be out of the question. Then I started to realise that what I really wanted to talk about was me and my photography. I do so many articles and blog posts about what I do, but they are the results of what I find. It seemed logical to just talk about what I am doing, how I do it, what I learn, the mistakes I make, and the struggles. So more like a journal type of thing.

Having a go at Podcasting

I watched a short course on how to do it. It talked about the equipment I needed, and as it turned out, I already had most of it. I bought a great microphone for doing videos, so I can now use it for this.

Last week I did my first one. They aren’t very long, and they probably aren’t very good, but I do hope they will get better as I go along with them.

The first one I talked about a trip to Point Lonsdale I did that week. What I did and what I was trying. This week for the second one I discussed how I am going with the time-lapse gear. Also looking at the learning curve I’ve experienced with doing it.

Producing the Podcasts

I have done two now, and I have to warn you they could seem a bit amateurish, but hopefully, you can still enjoy them. I plan on improving with time and will work on making them the best I can.

Here they are, the first one is more a welcome to my podcast.

The second one is my exploration with time-lapse photography.

At some stage I will have to work out how I am going to put them up here, but that will come with time.

Some links for the podcasts,


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  1. Hey Leanne … you are amazing! Podcasting now. Brilliant! Your voice sounds great btw .. My friend Dallas is super at time lapse photography. Yet another thing for me to learn 🙂 Not enough time in the day

    1. Haha, I don’t know about that Julie, have to keep trying things. Thank you, I wasn’t sure about it. Do you have a link to your friend. I love watching time lapse photography. Thank you.

  2. Great first podcast! I’ve listened to the first one and loved it. It shows your personality and tenacity. For me it was nice to know that even a pro like you can make mistakes and chalk it up to learning. As a hobbyist, I do that a lot and learn from it. I’ll listen to the second one when I take a break from unpacking boxes.

    1. Thank you Anne, and thank you for taking the time to listen to it. I know you are very busy right now. Oh yes, I make mistakes all the time, I think it is all part of the learning process. You can always learn something. Take care.

  3. Leanne, you are always trying something new! Love your adventurous spirit and thirst to try new things.
    It was great hearing your voice!
    Good luck as you continue to learn this new medium

  4. They are great Leanne… I’ve been considering this myself.. but like you, I haven’t been sure about how to make it work for the kind of work I do.. but I might give it a try eventually..

    1. Thank you Livonne, good to get some feedback. I was really worried about letting people hear them. I feel a bit better now. Give it go, it is a lot fun really.

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