Working on Images Taken at Social Snappers


Yesterday was another Social Snappers Photography Excursion and we went into the city to photograph the arcades.  It was grey and overcast outside, but being in the arcades meant that it didn’t matter what the weather did we would be covered.

The arcades in Melbourne can vary from really beautiful ones, to ones that aren’t so well known and a bit scrappy.  Of course the one that everyone loves is the Block Arcade.


I took a similar image to this one a long time ago, and it didn’t come out nearly as well.  I love the light hanging here, but it is over a basement area and there aren’t many choices when it comes to getting it with the rest of the building.

The Block Arcade is one of the oldest arcades in the city, but it is very well maintained.  It is so wonderful to see it being preserved for future generations.  The hardest thing about taking photos in it are all the people.  There are always people in it.  You really can’t get away from them.  Also, after photographing it so many times, the new thing is how to photograph it so it isn’t exactly the same as every other photo you have taken of the place.  I am still working on that one.


When walking from one arcade to another, we had to walk along Little Collins Street, and the above building sits on the corner of Little Collins and a lane.  I love it.  I always think Harry Potter when I see it, I don’t know why, something about the curved corner maybe.  It is quite a lovely building there. Inside is a coffee shop, Laurent, though from the sign it would be hard to tell.

I have tried to do some different sorts of processing to what I usually do. There are things I need to work on and will do that.  I’ve been learning about luminosity masks, find it a bit weird to get my head around, but  I am sure it is something I will learn to do, eventually.

Have to start making new dates for next term for Social Snappers, I really enjoy doing them, but am thinking will offer a Thursday rather than Tuesday for a the mid week one.  The others will still be on Sunday. So stay tuned to find out where we will be going next term and I hope you can join me for some or all of them.

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