Looking back to when I had a nice garden

Looking back to when I had a nice garden

Since I’m getting back into my garden it has been nice looking back to when I had a nice garden. Back to when I used to spend a lot of time in it.

As I am trying to get my garden under control again, it has been good to look back and see what I am capable of doing. I figure if I have done it once, why can’t I do it again.

Looking back to when I had a nice garden
Front garden

When I was doing it back in 2011 I was so proud of what I was doing and what was happening. I loved growing food. It is something that I have never felt like I was good at.

Growing food in the garden

There are limitations on what I can grow and I know from experience that I have to take it slowly. This summer I am just growing the basics. What I would use in salads really.

I really want to grow some tomatoes. Why is it that they always taste better when they are homegrown? I tried growing some last year, but they didn’t do well. They were planted in a pot with fairly old soil and I think that was the problem right there. They grew but were small.

This year I have new soil and I am going to get into composting big time. Just trying to work out how to make it work for me. You know, so I actually use it.

So I am leaving you today with photos from 2011 and how my garden used to look back then. Looking back can be a good thing and it really has inspired me to realise that I can do it again.

The photos are from the front, side and back yard.

Most of what I am doing this year is in the front garden. I will do a post this week on it.

Looking back to when I had a nice garden

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  1. Hi there, I am also redoing my entire garden, and at this stage I dont find it very relaxing! But I suppose once the ground work is done it will go better. Good luck there with yours.

    1. It is hard work that’s for sure, but like you, I”m hoping that once all the hard work is done it will be easier. There is more to do now as the seasons are changing. Thank you Paul.

    1. Thank you Celia, there will be a lot more posts about the garden. I should take some now and show how it changes over time. Though a lot has already changed. Ask my back, it isn’t happy right now, lol

  2. Gardening can be very relaxing. When I was a teenager living in the British Caribbean I tended a garden. But it’s frustrating living in the northern USA. I want to garden all year.

    1. It can be, unfortunately my garden is just hard work at the moment, haha. We can garden all year round here, so we are lucky in that respect. I’m sure once I get more control over it, it will become more relaxing, thank you Khürt

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