A quick post on a Sunday

A quick post on a Sunday

Just quickly, wanted to tell you about a post I have written for Digital Photography School. It is a big article on Fine Art Photography. 

It is described as the ultimate guide and I think you will find it interesting.

Here is the link to it.

The dPS Ultimate Guide to Fine Art Photography

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  1. Very clear, concise article. It is inspiring to think of how we can visualize our vision and have a clear idea of our intention as we create. Thanks for such great direction and advice, Leanne!

  2. Very nice article. Not a direction I would head with my work (more casual and less ambitious, I am) but good advice to incorporate into my own process (such as it is).

  3. Great article, Leanne. It’s clear you put a lot of work into it. Very comprehensive and thorough. Well done.

  4. Thank you for sharing the very informative article, Leanne…it’s almost like a glimpse from inside of another world. And, of course, what striking photography…such beautiful images.

  5. Glen

    Leanne that is a really interesting and informative article! I’ve downloaded it to read again ..Thank you for you time writing it! I wonder how you manage to get anything done work wise while keeping up on the media front!! Cheers Glen

  6. That was a brilliant post. The article gave great clarity and I like the pre and post production comparisons and example of work that wouldn’t be exhibited and why. It all makes sense in this competitive world.

  7. This is a really useful article, Leanne. Intention, direction and consistency are great aspects to strive for, whether one is a fine art photographer or keen amateur. I was looking for your artist’s Statement on your site but can’t find it. Can you direct me to it?

  8. Sara Barratt-Boyes

    I can’t access the link.

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