If is a little word, but it can mean big things

Camera gear is important if you want to take photos, and over the years you change with what you are taking photos off, along with how. I thought it might be fun to take a look at what gear I think I need for what I do now. Let’s say all my gear was stolen and I had to start again, what would I get. I don’t think I would end up with as much.

A camera

I guess that is an obvious one. Though it should be a full frame camera as I know I like wide angles the most and the full frame is best for that. For me the options are the Canon 5D Mark IV or the Nikon D810. If choosing from scratch, I think I would go with the Canon. I like what Canon does for its users here in Australia.

An image taken with the Canon 5DIV and the 16-35mm lens.


There are so many to choose from, but being realistic I don’t know that I would get many.

  • 16-35mm
  • 28-300mm
  • macro
  • Lensbaby Velvet 56
  • Samyang 12mm Fisheye

I think that is it.

With the new work I want to do it is best that I use the same lens for it all, so the 16-35mm would be perfect I think. I’ve used one a couple of times and I have found it perfect for the type of photography I do.

I’ve also used the 28-300mm a few times, it is great for an all round lens. I think it would be a good compromise for doing some stuff where I need to zoom in and then other stuff where I want a wider image. Getting one that you can use a teleconverter would be perfect.

A macro lens of around 100mm is a must. I love macro photography too much not to have one.

The Lensbaby Velvet 56 is a wonderful lens for macro as well, and I probably use it more than the other, so I would need this one. I have one now for the Nikon camera.

Fisheyes are so much fun to use. I love seeing what I can do with it, so I definitely would want one to be part of my kit. I have been playing around the Samyang 12mm fisheye and I would be happy to have it.

Image of New York taken with the 28-300mm lens from Tamron.


Life without filters would be really boring now. So there are quite a few I would need.

  • 3 stop
  • 6 stop
  • 10 stop
  • 13 stop
  • 16 stop

All by Formatt Hitech of course. I would also use their Firecrest filter holder.

Some extras would be soft and hard edge graduated filters and definitely a polariser which I am starting to see a lot of benefits with.

Taken with filters from Formatt Hitech, the 13 stop, or 10, can’t quite remember.


There are always going to be the extras, and things that you need to help you with your photography.

  • A good sturdy tripod
  • Remote shutter release
  • A camera bag
  • Memory cards

I need a good tripod and right now I have the Benro SystemGo Plus FGP 18C, I would be more than happy to settle for that one. There are times when it is too windy for it, but there are always things to make it sturdier.

I need a remote shutter release for the long exposures. I need it to keep my shutter open for a long time. It is pretty essential.

A bag that is comfortable and will carry what you need is also very important. I’ve been using the Benro Ranger Pro 400 for about 6 months and I am very happy with it. I rarely change to another bag these days, when I do it is usually only because it is too small and I need one of my bags on wheels. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often.

I’ve learned over the years how important memory cards are and how the more you pay for them the better. I need fast ones for my camera, and so far I’ve never been let down by them. I tend to use Sandisk, though I’ve also used Lexar. The latter I’ve had a few problems with, but the former have always been great.

This image wouldn’t have been possible with the accessories I always use.

That’s it, I think

So, if for some reason I lost all my gear these would be the important things I would want again, or would get instead of other bits. It is that idea of hindsight. Maybe I should do a post on what I wouldn’t have wasted my money on another time, what do you think?


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  1. It’s interesting to read your considerations about the gear, Leanne. Although, I’d be willing to write a similar post, I’m reluctant in doing so, as it might encourage someone, who reads this, to try to break into your house to steal your gear. But, I’m considering it.

    1. I never disclose where I live Solaner, and I’m even vague with my suburb, so it would be hard for someone to find me. still all this gear is just what I would like as a kit, I don’t actually have that much of it at this point. It is all insured as well, what I do have. Thanks

    2. it’s good, not publishing any personal data. But, by combining several sources of public available data i.e. telephone book, WHOIS, LinkedIn and so on, it’s often possible to find out very quickly.
      And getting the money from the insurance is good, but having to live in a house where you know, someone has broken in, has injured your privacy and fingered in your personal stuff, is something completely different. You won’t never feel save again in your own house :(. That harm no-one would ever pay compensation for

    3. It works a bit different here, we sort of still have phone books, but they are online now, and only landlines are in them, not mobile numbers. We don’t have a landline anymore, got rid of it a few years ago, so that means even harder. In all reality I think if someone wants to steal my gear they would do it when I’m out with it. I just don’t think it is really possible here.

    4. phonebooks are here online, too. But, everyone, who has a website, has to publish his postal address (not a post-box) on that site in the imprint section 🙁 otherwise one might be sued by anyone who feels disturbed by that.

    5. yup, that’s true. But, on the other hand, it’s harder to find the owner of a site who violates the law. Every coin has two sites

  2. Wonderful pictures, with excellent captions Leanne!

    Very helpful reasons for the choices you’ve made.

    I like how you’ve narrowed down your choice of lenses, filters, and accessories.

    Great advice on memory cards! Definitely a case of getting what you pay for.

    I agree with Robert, a post on your hindsight revelations is a great idea! It would be very helpful for photographers with less experience.


    1. thank you Arth.
      The memory cards are, you have to make sure you have the right one for your camera.
      I will have to have a think about that one, and start making notes.

  3. I love your shots, Leanne! The one of NYC is intriguing. I love the cool tones. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the mirrorless systems you’re looking at. I just ordered the Fuji X-T2. A big jump from Canon. (gulp).

    1. thank you Patti. I’m not looking at a mirrorless, well not yet, I want a DSLR full frame. I hear very good things about them though, and many of my friends are thinking of going that way.Sorry I can’t really help.

  4. A canon 5d mark iv . a dream if only I could afford. The 6d mark ii is due out soon. More pricey than expected, still less than 5d mk iv.
    Personally I would like 6d mk I or ii a step up from my 550d. If you are looking for a lens 17-40mm L is great lens. Again cheaper than 16-35mm still versatile. I know it lacks IS and only goes to f4. I use tripod and mirror lock up most of the time in f8 to f16, no need for the IS.

    1. It is for me too, but I will hold out for it I think Ange. Though I know any camera I get is going to be expensive.
      I think the 17-40mm has pretty much been replaced with the 16-35mm, I’m not absolutely certain, but think it is that way. Thanks Ange.

  5. You should put approximate prices with the gear so we would know how hard we would have to work to earn the money to pay for it all.

    1. The problem with prices is that for each country they are all different. What I pay for them could be very different to you, more likely I would pay a lot more. We get ripped off in Australia so much.

  6. Leanne,
    Your photographs are spectacular….breathtaking really!
    The “if” camera gear list is very helpful…inspiring.
    Purchased a Fuji XT2 camera w/ 18-55mm kit lens recently…
    Big move from a Canon Powershot…
    Difficult decision after months of comparison between Cannon,Nikon & Fuji….
    How do you feel about the XT2 now?

    1. Thank you so much Cherie. Always happy to read comments like that.
      I have to admit I don’t really know that camera, I’m only just starting to look at mirrorless so too soon for me to really say.

  7. I don’t like to think of all the gear I ended up not using and sold or traded, usually at a loss. Yes, what you don’t find useful would be interesting too.

    1. I will have to think about it Robert, I have always been very careful with what I have bought and tried to make sure I really got stuff that I wanted, but there have been a few things, I’m sure.

  8. Sounds like a great kit. Not sure I understand your argument about wide angle and full frame. Could you elaborate on that? The weight of the full frame gear (as well as the cost) scares me and for the time being I’ll stick to my micro four thirds.

    1. thank you Erich. The wide angle lenses are always wider with a full frame, you don’t have that cropped factor. You should always stick with you are comfortable with, what I want, may not suit you.

    2. I have the m.zuiko 7-14mm F2.8 wide angle zoom, which I am very happy with. That is equivalent to 14-28mm on a full frame, thus slightly wider than the 16-35mm. Of course I am using it just for fun – not for producing photos to sell.

    3. I don’t try to sell photos either. I mean, I put them up and if someone wants to buy one, I wouldn’t say no, but I don’t push that I sell them. I’m with you, too difficult.

  9. I do not think you should look back.. my idea is keep secret what you have already spent. Can save a lot of trouble.

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