A week or so ago at Docklands


A week or so ago at Docklands

When Pam and Mike first arrived in Melbourne I did spend some time with them showing them around the city. I took them to Docklands and we came back via the river. I do love showing people my city.

While at the Docklands we had lunch at Mama Rumaan, one of my new favourite restaurants down there, then afterwards when we walked out we noticed the wonderful reflections in the water. It was perfect for some long exposures.

I took a 3 minute exposure with my Formatt Hitech 13 stop ND filter to get the following, then spent several hours on it over the last week. I love how it came out, I hope you like it as well.



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  1. Amazing 😀 It’s making me homesick – I left Melbourne three years ago and miss it terribly. Seeing the city through your lens always has me longing for the city again.

    • I hope not too homesick, I do love my city, not sure how I would go if I had to leave, but I know you don’t always have a choice. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful shot, but I’ll suggest again posting the unedited version.

  3. What a terrific shot – so geometrical – love the monotone colouring.

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