Artists that I admire – Erik Johansson talking about his work


Yes, I know my post for Artists that I admire was meant to be posted yesterday, but time got away from me. I have a video for you to watch today that I hope you will enjoy. It is Erik Johansson talking about this work.

Artists that I admire – Erik Johansson talking about his work

I never tire looking at his work and he continually inspires me. I find his imagination unbelievable and wish I could think of the things he does. it doesn’t matter how much I keep trying to think of things, I don’t seem to have a lot of luck.

He shows us what is possible if you just push yourself.

I don’t want this to be another post on him totally, I have done a few lately. However, last week I did a presentation at a camera club and for it, I talked about several artists, Erik was one of them. I also found lots of videos to show on each of the artists. The following is one where Johansson talks about his work and how he creates it. It is really interesting.

You can learn so much from the way he works. It is nice to see that he takes some time to make his images. It is incredible.

I should stop going on about him,I should.

I hope you enjoy seeing his work again.

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  1. The very creative and innovative don’t mind talking about their work, from how they come up with an idea to the actual project itself. They’re so far ahead of the curve than the rest of us combined in that respect. 🙂

  2. He is a fascinating artist. It makes you think. The hardest thing is coming up with the ideas in your mind, but his execution is well beyond most people’s Photoshop skills, certainly mine. I can see why you admire him. Hope we see some inspiration from Erik in your future work.

    1. I love him, but I think you know that. I agree, the ideas, though I have them and never follow through with them. Perhaps I need a kick up the butt. I am planning too, I hope.

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