Floral Friday – Light hitting a Tulip

Floral Friday - Light hitting a Tulip

It is time for my Floral Friday post and today I was keen to work on a photo of a tulip that the light was hitting it in an unusual way. I tend to hate dappled light, but here it was perfect.

Floral Friday – Light hitting a Tulip

It is hard at this time of the year as there aren’t many flowers out there. I have been going through all my archives to see what I could find. It occurred to me that the photos from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show might be a good source.

So, I found a tulip, well a photo of one. I quite like the way the light was hitting it and thought it would be interesting to do.

Floral Friday - Light hitting a Tulip

While I was working on it I couldn’t really think of what to do. It is nice when that happens as it usually means it doesn’t need much. So I didn’t do much.

The image was saved, resized and watermarked. I uploaded here, then I had a thought.


Maybe the flower would look better if it was in monochrome or black and white.

The image was opened up again and then converted.

Floral Friday - Light hitting a Tulip

I don’t know. I think I like both, maybe leaning more towards the monochrome. It is always an interesting thing to do.

The Winter Garden – Macro Photography Class

I have more information for you about this now.

The class is being held on the 22nd June, from 8am to 11.30.

It will cost $75.

The price includes your entry to Alowyn Gardens in Yarra Glen. Morning tea is also included.

We will be looking at different ways of doing macro photography. I will also have one or two cameras available for people to try out extension tubes and some of the Lensbaby lenses.

As it is winter, there may not be many flowers, but we can photograph the dew and if there is a frost we should be able to capture some of that. We will also have time to explore the gardens before they open to the public.

If you are interested in going you can book your spot here, Try Booking.

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  1. Those are both beautiful images, Leanne. I am so glad that you have the same problem as I do sometimes – a bit of indecision. It gives me hope.

    Here are my impressions of each photo. First, I love the lighting. Period. Second, the color version shows off the soft texture and the color contrasts between the white petals and the yellow stamen. I love the whole color interplay against the dark background. So I really like the color version.

    Now the monochrome version is also wonderful, but for slightly different reasons. The whole subtle tonal range of the white petals really stands out against that dark background. And the whole photo seems more artistic and impressionistic. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because the monochrome reminds me of the old “masters” like Westin and Ansel Adams.

    Anyway, they are both beautiful, and I guess that’s why art is so wonderful. There is something for everyone.

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