Back in the city – trying something different

From my trip to the city last weekend I have so many photos. I can’t remember exactly how many I took, but the good thing is that I now have a lot of photos I can work on.

One of the first places we took photos was of the city across the river. There is a spot where I have always enjoyed taking photos. There is also a view that I like to get as well.

This is a view I have taken so many times. I think it is nice to do that. It is interesting to see if you change how you take it. Will you get sick of it? There is also the obvious of whether it has changed since you last photographed it.

Once you have taken it and gotten it onto your computer you have to wonder if you have changed how you process your images as well.

Now I don’t think the scene has changed that much. I’m fairly sure all those buildings are the same. The light is really nice on it and that would be because it was quite early in the morning.

That is another reason to photograph the same thing over and over because you will get different light at different times of the year. It can be amazing how you take a photo of something in March, and then in October, it will be different. There is also the different light throughout the day to watch for.

I highly recommend doing a project like this and seeing what you find.

Now for processing it.

I know how I process photos is always changing. I’m always trying something different.

When you spend a lot of time looking at how others do photos you can’t help but be influenced by what they do.

When I was doing the above image I was thinking of some work by someone else and wondered what would happen if I just isolated one of those buildings. It is one of the things I love about photography, it can be easy to try things without really stuffing up your work.

So I had a go.

I’m still undecided about what I think of it.

Maybe it is one of those images that I need to get some distance from it. I find sometimes that soon after you process an image you can’t see any good in it. Then when you haven’t looked at it for a while that can change.

Does that happen to you? Do you have a favourite spot that you like to photograph? Tell me about it?

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  1. I do a lot of photographing when I’m traveling. Since I won’t probably get back there, I try to take as many angles as I can. 🙂 I really like what you do with backgrounds. I’m using Bridge and Lightroom more than Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to process. I’m able to get realistic results and my composition has improved some over the years, but I’ve yet to conquer the dreamy looks you get. Filters are not yet my friends.

    1. Yeah I get that, I think I do the same when I travel as well. Thank you, I like to try things too. Though here is a secret, I haven’t announced it yet on the blog, but I’m planning on doing a lot of tutorials on YouTube on processing, especially with textures. I’m still working on the details. I hope it is something that people would be interested in. Filters are rarely good for people. Thank you Marsha.

  2. I actually tried working with HDR combos today, but the colors came out “off.” It was as if the camera in an attempt to get EVERYTHING bent way too far into the green colors — especially when there was a big swatch of blue sky. Fortunately, when I experiment, I make sure I take some non-experimental pictures too — just in case experimentation doesn’t work out well. In this case, glad I took those extra shots because they are (mostly) much better than the HDR combinations.

    1. I haven’t done a HDR for so long, probably years now. They can be hard. That is a good idea bout the other images Marilyn. Yeah, that is what I found, HDR’s are not always great. Thanks for sharing Marilyn.

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