New Zealand Wanderings – Rainforest Walk

Rainforest Walk Lake Mapourika

When I was doing my New Zealand Wanderings there were often too many photos, so today, we are revisiting them to look at the Rainforest Walk. We did this as part of the Glacier Lake Tour that we did when at Franz Josef.

Rainforest Walk Lake Mapourika

New Zealand Wanderings – Rainforest Walk

Those of you who followed my wanderings around New Zealand know that it was a bit hit and miss with the weather. That was so true when we travelled to the West Coast through Arthur’s Pass and the days we spent around Hokitika and Franz Josef.

It rained so much and while it was frustrating, we did get to see the country there a bit differently. Well, through the wipers of the windscreen as we drove around. We missed out on our Helicopter flight. As it as raining where we were it was snowing at the top of the mountains.

However, on the morning of our Glacier Lake Tour, the rain stopped for a time and we got to see some amazing things around the lake.

I’ve spoken about this before and you can read that post here, New Zealand Wanderings Day 2 – Lake Cruise.

Rainforest Walk

While we did do the cruise around the lake, we also paid to go on the rainforest walk as well. It was an extra part.

It really was the only time we went into the rainforest there. It’s a shame really as I love them and think they show a whole new world.

The one we went to in New Zealand around Lake Mapourika was stunning. Many of the plants there are so different to what you see in the rainforests here in Australia. The kidney ferns were amazing. I will put a photo here for you.

Rainforest Walk Lake Mapourika

Glacier Country Lake Tours

We absolutely enjoyed our tour here. Dale was so knowledgeable about all the plants and birds that we saw. He also gave us some really interesting history about the area.

As we walked around the path that he has created for people he was patient as we wanted to take photos. There were photos to be taken everywhere.

If you go to Franz Josef I would highly recommend this tour. We thought it was a highlight of our trip to New Zealand. Go to this link to find out more about it, Glacier Country Lake Tours.


So I have processed a few photos for you now. They are just things we saw as we wandered around. There are a couple of birds but I can’t remember what they were.

I hope you enjoy another trip to New Zealand with me.


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  1. So good to see these refreshing images…

    The diversity of flora and fauna in rain forests is unimaginable.

    Also showcases the importance of it’s preservation, right?

    New Zealand is my dream destination and hope to take a walk through this pristine beauty 🙂

    1. It is also interesting to see what grows in one in one part of the world to the next.
      Preservation is so important. I couldn’t agree more.
      New Zealand is such a stunning country, I loved being there. I hope you get there. Thank you Sreejith.

  2. I so enjoy your photos, Leanne. A whole ‘nother part of a world I will never see. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful tour guide!

  3. These are lovely Leanne, what incredible plant life. I’ve only ever been to the Hoh rain forest in Washington State USA, many years ago, loved it.

    1. It is very different, I loved seeing it. Rainforests are like other worlds, good you have been to one. Thank you Conspicari

  4. Super Leanne, especially the find of that tiny blue fungi! I am enjoyed processing mine, I too have a wonderful Rainforest collection!

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