Black and White Photography Again


It is time for Black and White Photography Again over on my other blog with Monochrome Madness, and I thought we might look at my image for MM34 and what it looks like in colour.  Sort of like a before and after.marysville-waterfall-steavensons-falls-colour-100

On Monday I went for a drive through a rain forest with a friend and then we went to a waterfall near Marysville.  I have been trying out some Cokin Filters and I thought the waterfall would be perfect for the filters.  Though the waterfall was in the shade and it was easier to do a slightly longer exposure than I thought it would be.  I didn’t have a tripod, so I used the railing of the barriers to anchor my camera so I could take longer exposures, not very long, but around a 1/5 of a second.

When I saw the images on the computer I remembered another waterfall and how someone had said it would be good in black and white, that one wasn’t but I did wonder about this one.


I have done a bit more processing to this, and I wanted to make the water stand out more.  I also put in a cloudy sky so the sky didn’t look white.  I darkened some parts of it, but did try and let the black and white conversion do a lot of the work for me.  I do like the way the water and rocks have come out more in this monochrome image than in the colour versions.  I also tried to give the image a lot more mood.

So if you haven’t been to see it yet, there are lots of other great black and white images over on Leanne Cole Photography’s Blog.

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