Floral Friday – A few flowers from the garden


This time of the year can be so depressing for macro photography, then again if you look you can find some beautiful flowers. So, for today’s Floral Friday I found a few flowers from the garden that I could photograph. It had rain the night before, so it brought out so much of the colours, and left raindrops on most of them.


Floral Friday – A few flowers from the garden

Though, I should admit at least three of these are new flowers. I bought them earlier in the week and planted them in my garden. They came with flowers, part of the reason for getting them. I don’t know if they will last, but guess we will find out with time.


There should be so many flowers in my garden. I planted so many dahlias and none of them, except one, have flowered. Not sure what I have done wrong. About two weeks ago I get some fertilier and spread it around, so hopefully, I will get some sort of showing before the cold really comes. Dahlias are one of my favourites and it is so disappointing to have 12 of them in the garden and no flowers to photograph.

I did buy one dahlia the other day that had some flowers.


Not the usual flower you associate with them, but I will take it.

Hakea Tree

I have an Australian native in the backyard, it is a Hakea Laurina, I believe. It is also referred to as a pin-cushion hakea and when you see the flowers it isn’t hard to understand.


They have these funny flowers on them. They are quite beautiful. The bees love them and the tree was covered with them. If you like photographing bees then this tree is good for them at the moment. I was able to get so many. They just dive straight into the flower and roll around in them. It was funny to watch.


Last year at the flower and garden show I spent so much money on chrysanthemums for my garden. They all died off for the winter and only one came back. It was so disappointing. It hasn’t flowered, and is part of the reason, along with the dahlias, that I have thought my soil might need some work. I have put down fertiliser, as I said, so now it is a matter of sitting back and waiting.

While at the nursery the other day I also purchased one to plant.


Not the best photo, but I will be able to go out and do more. I will need to get in before the frosts arrive. The frost did so much damage to my garden last year. Hopefully, it has grown some more and some things will be protected.


I love these flowers, I mean, I really love them. For years I’ve been trying to find out what they were so I could get them for my garden, and finally, it happened.

When I was at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show I saw some so I photographed them. I took the photos to some of the stall holders and asked what they were. They told me they were rudbeckias. Joy. Next, did they have them, no. Though, they did have an idea where I could get them and I came home with two very small plants. It is going to be a while before they flower.

While I at Bulleen Art and Garden the other day I saw a bigger one with flowers. It is now planted in the garden.


Funny how you can get attached to some flowers.

The garden now has some colour in it, which is wonderful. Still, I hold out hope that many of the others will give a final push and show some colour before the frosts and cold weather gets here.

All the photos were taken with the Nikon D850 and Nikon 105mm macro lens.

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    1. Thank you Peter, it is good to see some colour, though our natives often start flowering early, mid to late winter which is nice.

  1. Most of the wildflowers might be gone, but the fungi are fruiting at this time of year in Sydney, and they can be spectacular (or disgusting… or spectacular AND disgusting). I find there’s more variety in fungi than wildflowers around here, although the fungi is transient – one dry day and it’s gone, and it really only looks good when fresh. Some photos from last year: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO-AjXa2jTfMvEbWMpnXCiSLlL6WrXX_ABQVcQ5vLS94M2BrZtVKEYPvkGzMxHPAA?key=aUdVbGIxS0VsQlc1d1pNaW1LOGF2OVlwSnd1TEJn

    1. Oh yes, I must do some trips to the rainforests around here to see what I can find, I haven’t done it for a while now. I used to do it quite a bit. They are funny things. Thanks for the links, good to see the photos. Thank you Andrew.

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