Floral Friday – Flowers from a couple of visits


Floral Friday – Flowers from a couple of visits

Last weekend I taught my first macro photography class. It went well I think. I had a friend doing the class and she said she thought it was good. 

Alowyn Gardens is such a great place for macro photos and it seemed like the perfect place for a macro class. It was, though the place was so busy and there were so many people. I’ve never seen it that busy before.

rose-alowyn-gardens-lens-macroThe roses were out and the class spent quite a bit of time photographing them. They were wonderful. I have photographed this one before. This was taken with the Nikon 105mm macro lens.

This was taken with the Lensbaby Velvet 85. I love the effect of this lens. It is still on loan from Lensbaby, though no doubt it will be gone soon.

Finding a display garden that you can go back to over and over is fantastic. I have a yearly membership so I don’t have to pay when I go. They are always changing the displays and so every time you go there are new things to photograph. It makes it so interesting.


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  1. Lovely Leanne … that Lensbaby is a top lens

  2. I like the three dimensional feel you get from these amazing macro photos, Leanne!

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