Floral Friday – My second garden

Floral Friday - My second garden

I know I said that I would do Floral Friday images from my garden, but it has to be said that Alowyn Gardens is like my second garden.

Floral Friday – My second garden

This morning I got up early and took a drive to Alowyn Gardens. It has been a few weeks since I was there last so it was nice to see what was flowering. I am teaching a class there next week so I liked getting the heads up on what is around.

One thing that Alowyn is known for is their Wisteria tunnel and oh boy it is flowering right now. It is getting past the best, but there are still lots to photograph. The people doing the class will be able to get some great photos.

There are still places available and if you are interested in doing it click here for the information. It is this Tuesday at 8 am until 11.30 and includes morning tea.


I will post more photos tomorrow, but more images of the space there. Today I just have some photos of a few of the flowers that are there at the moment. They were taken with my macro lens this time. I really think I need to get some sort of macro for the Fujifilm. I really like using that camera.

There are many flowers and these are just a few. I think I will have to take quite a few more trips there over the next few weeks.

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