Floral Friday – Spring approaches

It is great going out to the garden now, I can see new flowers all the time. Spring is approaching, and quickly. The biggest problem is the wind, the gale forces that we keep getting, makes macro photograph that much harder. Still, I keep trying.

I’ve been out this week in the garden trying to photograph some flowers with my Lensbaby Velvet 56. I have only my Nikon camera now, so I went out to see what I could get.

I have two images for you, both taken earlier in the week. One is the daphne and the other is a daffodil.

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  1. Spring is the time for renewal and we feel our spirits rise. I really love your picture. It is artistically done. Thank you, Leanne!

    1. I like that idea, though usually for me, it means hot weather is coming and snakes. I hate snakes. Thank you so much Peter.

  2. Very nice images, Leanne. Hard to imagine the coolness of spring as we swelter here in the late summer heat. But fall is coming soon.

    1. Thank you Robin, we have had a very cold winter this year, the coldest I can ever remember here. So many frosts, that it is nice when the weather is a bit warmer. Then when the cold weather hits you we will be boiling, haha, strange world.

  3. I love seeing flowers from other parts of the world šŸ™‚ Here in Wisconsin in the US, fall is coming soon. Nice to see spring in the southern hemisphere coming along. Spring was very pretty here but much too fast!

    1. I do too Laurie, though I get jealous where there are beautiful flowers and I can’t photograph them. Fall is beautiful too, I’m sure you will get some lovely images. I suspect ours is going to be stormy, if the last week is anything to go back. Thank you Laurie.

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