Floral Friday – the garden today

Floral Friday - the garden today

Floral Friday is hard to do at the moment as the weather has played havoc, but I thought I would try and show the garden today.

Some things are looking very sad after all that heat we had a couple of weeks ago. My hydrangeas really suffered. Two of them more than the other.

Summer is always hard for flowers, but this year it seems even harder. There were quite a few plants that were ready to flower and then the heat hit and the flowers died. It is a fact here in summer, so we need to be prepared for it, but it is always hard.

I went out this morning to see what was there, and while not enough, I managed to get a few photos for you. Here is what is flowering in my garden today.

Floral Friday – the garden today

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  1. Nice shots, Leanne. Of course, I know what you mean. We have very few photographic flowers at the moment. Most have succumbed to the heat; others have past their prime.

    1. Thank you Don, I hope you are well. I think it is a common problem in many gardens right now. I might have to try buying some.

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