Getting out in the garden

Getting out in the garden

Summer is coming fast and I’m getting out in the garden as much as I can before it is too hot. Once the hot weather hits it will hard being out there.

Because of that, I have done a quick video for you.

Touring the garden

I’ve been getting out there as much as I can and trying to get stuff done before the heat gets here.

If I am being honest, I’ve been a bit slack with blogging, well, busy with other things, but I wanted to share the garden with you. So I went out and made a video of what I’ve been doing. If you saw the last video I did of the garden then you can see if you think I’m making progress.

Ryobi 2400W Crushing Shredder

In the video, I spoke about getting a shredder to help out in the garden, and I wanted to share what I purchased.

I got the Ryobi 2400W Crushing Shredder and I love it. It was so good and I was really surprised, some of the branches were quite large. With a garden that has lots of trees, it will get a lot of use.

When I was looking for one I noticed that this one had a rating of 4.8 out of 5, and that was good enough for me. I suspect I would rate it similarly as well.

There was some assembly, but it was fairly easy. When starting it I had some problems. I couldn’t work out why it wouldn’t start. Apparently, you have to have a lever thing on the bucket pushed all the way up the top. Problem solved.

Here is a picture of it.

Getting out in the garden

The dirt for the new bed has arrived, so I am off to fill it.

Getting out in the garden

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  1. Oh wow!. I want one, I just watched your video. Big garden and lots of crops, nice, your garden beds are good. Did you buy them or home made.

    1. Gardens can be so good and so nice to get out into. The raised ones I purchased. Then we had to put them together. The one at the back was the easiest, but don’t think it is anywhere near as good as the ones out the front. Thank you Di.

    1. Well it is and it isn’t. The big question is what will grow when it gets really hot. I often think we have similar problems in the garden as you do during your winter, just massive differences with the temperature. For example we don’t get a lot of flowers, many plants find it too hot, especially the natives. It is going to be fun seeing what happens, I have to say the garden is certainly keeping me busy and fit.Thank you Dorothy.
      So can you grow anything during your winter?

    2. Our cycles in spring, summer, and fall change. We have cold weather crops in early spring, hot weather, long-day crops in summer, and we switch back to cold-crops and the long-growing crops such as winer squash, in the autumn. We often have deep snow, so there are little things living underneath all that: our fall-planted garlic, for example. But there is nothing in the actual garden we can harvest. Our local farmers have greenhouses and cold frames that supply us with wonderful salad and hearty greens all winter long, and tomatoes too, although they are quite expensive and a once in a while treat. They are great at preserving the fall root veggies, so until our CSA stops in April, we get potatoes, onions, shallots, carrots, turnips, rutabagas, beets, Daikon and watermelon radishes, parsnips, celeriac. We are grateful for these because they are grown and stored a couple of miles from where we live.

    3. I love the idea of the greenhouse during winter and we are considering getting one, but not for a couple of years, if we do. I love the idea of being able to grow, say tomatoes all year round. The expense is a problem, hence getting our own, but I need to do a lot of research first. Sounds like you are really well set up Dorothy, not us, it is all from commercial places like the supermarket.

  2. I have the same crusher shredder. Not much this Spring but come Autumn…’s full steam ahead. I thought the under bucket system would be a pain but it’s OK so far

    1. I love the bucket, means it cleans up itself. I can then just dump it where I want when it’s finished. Though in my consideration for buying it I didn’t really think about that part. Though I was surprised that you can’t use it without the bucket. It is a great piece of equipment to have. Thank you Bushboy.

    2. The worry is what happens if the bucket breaks. Can’t use the machine. I hope the bucket will be in the spare parts for a long time to come

    3. That is a really good point, I hadn’t thought of that. You can’t just use any old one you have either. I wonder if it is worth getting another one now for the future?

    4. Yes, probably, I might look into though, the last thing I want is to wait until the one I have breaks and then I can’t replace it.

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